Mexican girls - the word gringo & blue eyes?

This Mexican girl I work with keeps calling me "Gringo" when she flirts with me.

I keep telling her that I despise that word and she continues to do it just to mess with me!

She also rambles non stop about my blue eyes and how great they are.. Why do Mexican's love blue eyes?

& do Mexican girls call white boys they are attracted to Gringo's?


Most Helpful Girl

  • im latin, and I really don't see the problem here

    she calls you gringo because she likes you, and she knows it bothers you, so she does it so you keep begging her not to do it, just to have someing to chat.

    she loves blue eyes cause in our countries theyre simply not common.

    so don't worry, its just a flirty way of getting close to you.

    you sould be thankful she likes your eyes.

    and why not trying to call her "mexican" or "latina" just to keep playing her little game, and keep the flirting.