Mexican girls - the word gringo & blue eyes?

This Mexican girl I work with keeps calling me "Gringo" when she flirts with me.

I keep telling her that I despise that word and she continues to do it just to mess with me!

She also rambles non stop about my blue eyes and how great they are.. Why do Mexican's love blue eyes?

& do Mexican girls call white boys they are attracted to Gringo's?


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  • im latin, and I really don't see the problem here

    she calls you gringo because she likes you, and she knows it bothers you, so she does it so you keep begging her not to do it, just to have someing to chat.

    she loves blue eyes cause in our countries theyre simply not common.

    so don't worry, its just a flirty way of getting close to you.

    you sould be thankful she likes your eyes.

    and why not trying to call her "mexican" or "latina" just to keep playing her little game, and keep the flirting.


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  • She is just playfully teasing. I am mexican and I like blue eyes because my Grandpa has them, but I think I am one of the rare people that just honestly adores brown eyes. Blue eyes are nice to look at but I just prefer dark eyes. XD

  • idk why mexicans love blue eyes. A lot of the ones I know seem to really like blue eyes

  • Wow... a blue eyed gringo :3♥
    Yeah, she's flirting.
    Why do we love blue eyes? because everybody in Mexico has brown or green eyes. Blue eyes are sooo pretty and unusual.
    Also, "gringo" is good or bad, depends of the context. Mostly is used as a slang for "American".
    P. S. i'm mexican.

  • She is flirting with you. I get called Gringa by latin girls too, but they do it with love, so I let it go.

  • Gringo is just another way to call you white boy its not out of disrespect or affection. Same with gringa which is the same only that its for girls. Not all mexicans love blue eyes, I personally am a mexican and have green eyes but find dark brown eyes really atractive. So not all mexicans love blue eyes but the ones that do might be because its really rare in our to see someone with colored eyes since we are a mix of many diferent civilizations. Same happens with my green eyes.

  • I think it's rude. And it would be just as rude to call her Mexican. Honestly, there are so many endearing terms out there, why bring race into it?


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  • No, she wouldn't call you that if she was really attracted to you. It's a little disrespectful. I'd ask her to stop it.

  • Gringo is what we call people from the be honest it is disrespectful word because the actual meaning of the word means "Green Go" which means whereever there is money Americans just go to make money out of them even if it means exploiting people and doing not very humane stuff without putting though on it. But she just seems to be doing it just to tease you, even though I don't really think she knows that the word is derogatory. Anyhow blue eyes are not common in latino America, so blue eyes are excotic for us when we see them. So yes she is flirting with you.

    • gringo = green go = green go home. it has to do with invasion and war and how they wore green hats. nothing to do with money

    • then what does the green mean?

  • She doesn't seem to like you plus Mexican women are very warm when they talk to you I'm Mexican so I would know also "gringo" is a insult and as for blue eyes many Mexicans want ot HAVE blue eyes in other words she is kinda jealous of your blue eyes cause lighter features are HUGE for women to have and Mexican women who have blue eyes seem to like brown eyes

    She doesn't like you