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Why do girls like to wear thongs and g-strings?

Ive seen some girls in my school wear thongs and g-strings, but why do girls like them? do they like the feel of having something ride up your ass?... Show More

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  • Because with pants or certain skirts regular panties leave a line at the bottom of my ass that isn't very attractive.

    I don't wear G strings but I wear thongs but the kind I buy from Victorias Secret are very comfortable seriously maybe more than regular panties I do feel sexy in them but my reason for wearing them is so my clothes fit better and I find them to feel more freeing and comfy.

    I'm not very sexually active or promiscuous I don't hook up with guys so often I don't like to fool around with random guys all the time for moral reasons and no one really sees my underwear but me myself and I

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  • The girls who show them off on purpose have no class and are usually the slutty girls. Thongs/g-strings are actually pretty comfy. You barely feel them but you still know that you have some sort of support there.

  • Why do girls like to wear tongs/g-strings?


    No panty lines

    To feel sexy

    And why do girls show them off on purpose, because I was past and they bend over on purpose for guys and they are was above their pants. So why do they wear them?

    Not girls you mean some girls.

    In your case those girls were teases, wanted to be viwed as a sex object, or didn't care. Inthe case of didn't care I knowgirls who go to the beach topless & who'll lift theirshirt if asked because to them boobs aren't a big deal.

  • they are actually a lot more comfy than any other undies. WIth a thong you have a small peice of fabric that is designed to fit down there. WIth any other style, you have this huge part that ends up there anyway. The thin strap on a thong is much more comfy

  • usually girls ware them to feel hot or hint they will do a lot more than just kissing. its def not for comfort!

  • I do not know why others wear g string. I wear it everyday, exept when I am in periods. I wear for three reasons.

    1. It is comfortable

    2. It avoids showing panties lines while wearing tight pants

    3. I feel the sexual pleasure, when the g string completely enters my front and rear holes.

  • i only wear them on special occasions such as romantic date with my boyfriend or if it goes with my outfit (so my panty lines do not show), but I rarely wear it because it makes me feel extra sexy and turns me on.

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