Why do girls like to wear thongs and g-strings?

Ive seen some girls in my school wear thongs and g-strings, but why do girls like them? do they like the feel of having something ride up your ass? And why do girls show them off on purpose, because I was past and they bend over on purpose for guys and they are was above their pants. So why do they wear them?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Because with pants or certain skirts regular panties leave a line at the bottom of my ass that isn't very attractive.

    I don't wear G strings but I wear thongs but the kind I buy from Victorias Secret are very comfortable seriously maybe more than regular panties I do feel sexy in them but my reason for wearing them is so my clothes fit better and I find them to feel more freeing and comfy.

    I'm not very sexually active or promiscuous I don't hook up with guys so often I don't like to fool around with random guys all the time for moral reasons and no one really sees my underwear but me myself and I