What is the purpose of a lip ring?!

Besides that supposedly it looks 'cool'. even tho I DONT agree. and I'm NOT hating. I know that's one of the answers I will get. idk. it seems. dumb. [to me]


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  • Everyone has their own thing. I would rather get my eyebrow pierced than my lip.


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  • Not only a lip ring, but any piercing over the ears is just gross. The worst has got to be the prince albert; who would want to do that to their dick?

  • It's the same with jewelry and wearing certain types of clothes. Fashion statements. A lip ring is a form of expression and individuality, and yeah, some people think it makes them look better.

    • I know. ugh. I don't like it AT ALL. you won't believe me, but me and my ex bff stopped talking cus of that. I kno it seems childish now, but ekk, whatver...

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  • I don't think it has a purpose, but I think people wear it to make them an individual. Also sometimes I think people wear it to fit into a certain scene. Think about it, most people with lip rings are into rock or indie. When was the last time you saw a country boy or a sorority chick with a lip ring?

    • I have seen sorority girls....

    • Huh, that's interesting!

  • What's the purpose of any kind of ring? It's pretty much all just to look cool.

    Some people could find piercing your ears dumb and unattractive. It's all relative. If you don't like it, that's fine, it's your opinion. But some people do, and therefore people have lip rings.

  • i like them, I was gonna get it done, but when I saw EVERYONE is getting one I'm like alright f*** that its not gonna be a "style for the moment" kind of thing for me I think its ridiculous. But anyway its like saying why do you get the type of clothes you wear? because it "defines" you in a way idk.

  • i don't think it has a purpose.i mean if you really think about it no piercing has purpose lol :).people just get them cause they want to.

  • Its a fashion statement type thing.