Why don't guys ask me out?

I don't understand why guys don't ask me out... I have dated people so its not like I'm ( I don't know the word) " odd" ha ha because they say I'm hot and I like sports and is totally laid back and chill about everything, I'm not a total drama queen or over react about anything and I'm pretty smart plus I'm almost always in a good mood! ( just so you know I feel weird talking about myself like this) so if you guys can help me in any way that would be great I would really appreciate it! And thank you! Love <3 hottywithabody

thanks you guys so far but the thing is, is that I'm super involved in everything it's a small school and a small town and I do community service and volunteering in both and I do other thing in both too! I'm the stage crew manager for the drama part of my school and I did do sports and stuff but I got injured but one of the things is that everyone pretty much everyone in both and they all know I'm happy and clumsy but laughs about both so I'm involved a lot so I'm not what more... more help!
thank you! love <3 hottywithabody88


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  • Have you seen hitch?


    body language and dress style can send signals that you are not available, maybe you have a f*** off stamped across your forehead.


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  • confidence isn't a binary trait, its scalar.

    If your outside of a guys range, he will be afraid to ask you.

    You know how the pretty girls get the average guys...because nobody will talk to those pretty girls, except that guy who had nothing to loose and flipped a coin.

  • Involve yourself in more things, meet new people, increase your chances of bumping into your next bf

  • not that hot looking


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  • Well if you are from a small town, that is probably why. I lived in a small town and it can be hard to get a date. I had an issue because guys were too picky, since there wasn't many people to choose from they would just either date girls from other towns or not date. And I'm guessing there aren't many guys. Plus you are 18, wait til you go to college or university. There will be so many new people to meet!

    It's good that you are involved, maybe you are too busy? Or maybe guys aren't looking for anything right now. I wouldn't worry too much, you sound like a nice person, a good guy will come around soon! Just be patient!

  • It's that profile picture. "CAUTION" Guys can read you know. :P I am just teasing.

    Maybe they are intimidated by you. As if, you are too good to be true, and they don't deserve you. People have self worth issues.