How do I keep a conversation going?

okay I wanna talk to dis gurl but I can't keep a conversation going because I sumtimes only think about sex but she ain't that type of gurl she has her head on how do I keep a conversation going so that I can get closer to her.?

please snwer this ppls


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  • OK she sounds like me. I hate hate when guys try to talk to me. then we text and the convo is always something to do with sex or hooking up! Just talk to her ask her about what is going on in her life, what she is up to. Just show interest in her personal life and her, don't be too pushy and make any comments about you two doing anything unless you already hung and hooked up. So text her, say what's up ask what she is up to, if she isn't doing anything say you are bored too offer to go do something, like get icecream, watch tv. w/e it is. The key is to make sure to get to know her and not her body lol .but don't text her too much you don't want to seem too available either, if she texts you back wait just a little to respond.


What Guys Said 1

  • Hahaha. You just want to get into her pants? hahaha