Confused about attraction??

ok I'm confused about attraction there's this girl I like I've always thought she was cute I'm in 10th grade and I thought she was cute in 7th grade but then no one else did everyone else thought she was not attractive but know in 10th grade she is now smoking hot or that's what I think. so my questions is does every other guy have there on perspective on chicks looks wise. because I can't see anyone not finding her attractive it seems impossible but I liked her when noone else did so idk. is everyother guy attracted to different girls? because I think she is hotter than all the other girls in my school but I don't think the other guys do because then theyd be all over her?


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  • WHAT Do You THINK! If you think she's then go for it. Just because the other guys don't like her that doesn't mean anything. All guys like different types of girls. If they didn't everyone would be dating the same girl. Think about that.


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  • Congratulations on finding out what, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" means.