How to make friends with girls on campus?

I'm 20 years old and I don't have any sexual urges towards any girl at all. I'm currently living in campus so when I walk outside, I do find some girls attractive but I won't go more than as a friend because of my previous experience of rejections. I believe that I'm attractive but a lot of girls tend to flirt with my other friends so it makes me believe in reality, I might be below average look.

So nowadays I talk to girls but I only want to be friends with them and nothing more. It comforts to me because I also don't have many friends at all, prob less than 10 at campus and I'm a junior. So I do I talk to girls without making then think I'm interested in them but yet want to be friends and genuine about it?

Im too self-conscience. Can't seem to ignore being ignored by other people or rejection in general.


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  • My man you gotta get yourself out of the self destructive view of yourself. Its college, trust me I am in college, ugly guys get girls good looking guys get girls, retarded guys get girls, deformed guys gets girls. Find your niche. If you not attractive than don't go for girls who are dumb bimbos with no sense of character or definition (save that for guys like me they are my bread and butter lol). If you not attractive than you better off going for an intellectual type on who is smart enough to know that there are much more important quality than looks. Be outgoing, if you don't half self confidence invent it. Trust me I was a nerd in high school, I even skipped a year in college while in high school, got to college and just upped decided first day I wanted to be the outgoing fun guy, and guess what I am. College is great cause he can reinvent yourself at any time. If there's people who predisposed judgements of you f*** them, there's 100 other people who have no idea who you are. And you do have sexual urges you have just trained yourself to no respond to them as a self defense mechanism to getting hurt. Get over that, this is how I want you to go out ever day from now one with interactions with women. If you take a risk and get rejected guess where you end up... the same f***ing place you were before square 1, but every once awhile you end up farther ahead than you expected.


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  • What's your major? Hey, mine too. It would be nice to have some friends that are into the same courses. Did you take Xxxx yet? What did you think of the teacher? Yeah, I didn't care for that style of teaching. Do you know what you will take next semester? Perhaps we could help each other with homework or have someone to bounce ideas off of.

    It works a lot easier if you pick a person from your class (not a gen ed class either).

  • Join clubs, do extracurricular activities, if the campus has a gym go there, study in the library not in your dorm, smile at girls if you think they are attractive... That should get you meeting some females.

  • just try to get to know them and don't do anything more than that