Should you dress for success before or after you get it?

Do you think you should dress for success before you are successful or after you are already successful?

For me, I think I would dress for success after I am successful then I'd have the job and the money to pay for more clothes. Right now I wear plain tees and dresses along with jeans and plain tees mostly. I"m a paraprofessional only, not a professional. What do you think? Should I start dressing more successful now? OR later? How about you?


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  • You can get really cheap clothes that are more professional. Skirts and dress pants are not necessarily any more expensive then jeans. They _can_ be, but they don't _have_ to be.

    Dress appropriately for your job, or perhaps for the job you want (one step above yours). Budget what you can afford.

  • I think if you get in, you should drink up and go back to the motel with them and have fun. :)


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  • If you dress for success before you get there, you will feel much more motivated to go get what you want.

    Its like saying, wait to dress sexy until you actually have a man. It makes no sense. If you dress attractively, you feel sexy, and you feel much more confident to go talk to a guy you wouldn't normally talk to had you dressed in drab clothing.

  • Well I am at the end of college, applying to law school. I intern in a legal environment (court house) and though I can't afford the clothes that attorneys wear (expensive suits or more expensive work clothes) I do what I can with my resources. I buy a lot of pencil skirts and blouses and heels, and I love wearing that stuff. Plus apparently I did look professional since a few people actually thought I was already a lawyer, and when I said I wasn't they told me I look professional and carry myself like one even though I look younger. So yes I say that you should always dress for success when you are in the work field, even if you are still in school, but once you appear there and meet people they will remember you so dressing professionally always makes a good impression. I say it just gives you a little more leeway, like I dress professional but since I'm still a student I can get away with button downs and skirts instead of full suits, things like that.