What kinds of black girls do white guys like?

see the title ^^^

does anyone notice certain kinds of black girls that tend to date white guys?

and vice versa - do you notice that the white guys are ugly or cute, etc?

just curious. I was talking to a friend about this. I want more opinions.


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  • Lol, there is not really a specific "kind" like everyone is different, I guess its more common to see ones that gel with each other personality wise more than anything. I am attracted to all sorts of black girls, especially the ones with thick thighs big hips! :).

    One thing to note is, if a white guy is willing or wants to date black girls than he wants a black girl! not one as similar to a white girl as possible, I mean he might as well just date a white girl.

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      what on earth does that mean? "as similar to a white girl as possible" so like no light skinned girls or mixed girls, no relaxed hair, no weave, no contacts, and with a really urban accent? I'm confused lol you need to elaborate on that

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      My _guess_ is that there may be two types - you might get white guys who specifically want black girls, and in that case, they might want one who is stereo-typically different from a white girl - big ass, etc.

      Many other guys may be somewhat indifferent to skin color, and they'd tend to go for similar white/black girls. I.e., if they like thin/petite girls, they'd still want that.

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      I like a range of black girls from skinny to thicker but I agree with you're point.