What kinds of black girls do white guys like?

see the title ^^^

does anyone notice certain kinds of black girls that tend to date white guys?

and vice versa - do you notice that the white guys are ugly or cute, etc?

just curious. I was talking to a friend about this. I want more opinions.


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  • Lol, there is not really a specific "kind" like everyone is different, I guess its more common to see ones that gel with each other personality wise more than anything. I am attracted to all sorts of black girls, especially the ones with thick thighs big hips! :).

    One thing to note is, if a white guy is willing or wants to date black girls than he wants a black girl! not one as similar to a white girl as possible, I mean he might as well just date a white girl.

    • what on earth does that mean? "as similar to a white girl as possible" so like no light skinned girls or mixed girls, no relaxed hair, no weave, no contacts, and with a really urban accent? I'm confused lol you need to elaborate on that

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    • My _guess_ is that there may be two types - you might get white guys who specifically want black girls, and in that case, they might want one who is stereo-typically different from a white girl - big ass, etc.

      Many other guys may be somewhat indifferent to skin color, and they'd tend to go for similar white/black girls. I.e., if they like thin/petite girls, they'd still want that.

    • I like a range of black girls from skinny to thicker but I agree with you're point.

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  • Intelligent, funny, honest, kind. I'll take 3 out 4 at a pinch.

  • With younger people I've noticed the white guys that date black girls are more normally into the black culture stereotypes: urban/southern accent (not always), baggy clothes (this was years ago so it may have changed), even normally would have a fade similar to a black guy, hip hop style and swagger or whatever. This would make sense though right? They have similar interests. Of course I don't want to stereotype black people and say they are only one way but this is my experience. No I haven't noticed a certain kind of black girl that dates white guys. Are they ugly? Well yeah, while I think all men are kinda ugly the white guys that are extremely into urban culture do like particularly grimy or tough or something which I would think would be unappealing. I would be personally into a black girl if, like with any "race", I got along with her and her culture and values were similar enough to my own.

  • I like black girls that look like Rihanna,Cassie,and Tinashe Kachingwe.

  • They like Black girls who they find attractive and have personalities that are at least semi compatible with theirs.

  • I don't notice any pattern with anyone, because each guy has his own preference.

  • All kinds of black girls. It depends on the guy and his personality and his personal preferences. Every man is different so you might find a white skin head bicker full of tattoos that is into a ghetto fabulous black girl with a lot of attitude. Opposites tend to attract. Usually you will see couples that have more in common. There are all kinds of black girls that date white boys and visa verse. Just start talking to the guys that interest you and trying to give signals that you would be open to this type of relationship. Black girls and white boys are the rarest relationships and it is just natural that white guys are afraid of rejection. The past history between the two races has a lot to do with this.

  • Same as in a white girl...pretty face, nice thighs, friendly & sunshiny personality...:D

  • Alek Wek!

  • The opposite of what they want in a black guy. No swag. Substance. Something going for himself. A balance between the bad boy and nice guy. You know, an overall genuine good guy.

    • eh. not what I was looking for lol

  • Physically: Same thing you would want in a girl from any race: takes care of herself, pretty, nice "features" :)

    Personality wise, I steer clear of the black girls that feed into the culture stereotypes. I'm Irish, but that doesn't mean you see me walking around with a beer mug and sack of potatoes all day. The whole "hood life" thing is pretty annoying, at least to me. I can't stand anybody who is stuck up or rude, and that particular stereotype seems to feed into both of them. No thanks.

  • All kinds. I especially like the ones that like me back. lol


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  • they like black girls that "act white".

    if most, if not all of your friends are white then your already one step ahead of the game

    some girls I went to school with are dating white guys, they aren't bad looking. they are usually the girls that had mostly white friends tho

  • I am a black woman who mostly dates white men. I like em intelligent, funny, average joe types with a medium/big build. Must be Christian, respectful, and able to stomach the fact that I'm a nerd and love me cus of it. I don't date dudes that call me "shorty, wotay, guuurrrrl," or any thing other than my name or his "baby". Is he sexual and confident in h

    is abilities? Oh yeah. A roughneck in the bed baby. But is he respectful and tends to more than my sexual needs? Definitely. Not sayin a brother won't fit the above description, but I just am attracted to white men more.

    Too bad no such male exists that isn't already married or taken...or gay. Thus thesingle struggle continues...

    • I find women of all ethnicity's attractive. Would love to meet and date a fine, intelligent, strong black nubian queen! And although I think while some women of various ethnicity's are similar, their are many different nuances between them as well...thank goodness, variety IS the spice of life, after all.

  • It depends. It's not race-specific but more on the individual. I dated one white guy before and it wasn't a good match. He was a weed selling always in trouble thug type and not that cute, and I'm suburban, shy and proper. As far as physical, I'm brown skinned (not light or dark- same color as Rasheeda link hourglass shape, thick and long real hair. I don't look like a black/white girl, you can look at me and tell I'm obviously black. My nose isn't thin but it's not wide and flat either, it's long but ethnic. So that whole white guys only date black girls that look like white girls isn't really true.

    Me and him weren't compatible. HOWEVER, I have seen emo/rocker black girls date white guys and they are the emo/rocker type white guys. Most of the time if a black woman dates outside of her race he's not going to be super ugly but average to cute. It's the black guys that date ugly white girls, not us lol

    Most of the time this coupling is rarer because there are less black women who are open to dating out, especially white.

    • agreed, I mean if a white guy wanted to date a girl that looked white he might as well just date a white girl. besides black girls are attractive