Guys what type of style do you like on college women?

i see girls who dress in brands only making their gucci prada purse into a school bag, then there are grls with who wear skinny jeans and pointy heels tripping and falling when walking to class, then there's the explosion of UGG boots, and then there's grls who are simple who can go with sneakers jeans and a hoody? what do you prefer most? do you like girls who change style daily going with the mood? explain it


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  • I prefer girls who dress comfortably and practically. One of the things that I liked most about the last girl I fell for was the way she dressed pragmatically and still looked good. (There is a difference between dressing in cheap, comfortable, practical clothes and being a total slob, though. Goody's v. something bought at K-mart 5 years ago and full of holes, you know.)

    The girls who try too hard totally do not impress me at all. What the tripping over high heels and wearing the latest trendy, high-label clothes shows is that you're vain and go through cash like it's water. Not attractive and a MAJOR warning sign that she has values completely incompatible with mine. I don't want to date much less settle down with a girl that's going to spend thousands and thousands of dollars a year on clothes. Lord, what else will she waste money on?

    Now, dressing up nice for a special event or going out is a little different, but a girl that wears that kind of pricey, flashy garbage in their day to day life around campus are just NOT my type. Steer clear, I say.

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      Completely agree man.

      One thing to add/clarify though- Girls that dress in the latest trends often have something to hide; that being a crappy or no personality whatsoever.

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      I AGREE just because we like style does not mean we are vain or have no personality. that is a definitely true about some girls that think everyday is a fashion.. but not everyone with a prada or coach purse is like that.

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      Even as a girl I find it a complete eye roller when girls try to look trendy on an everyday basis when they really don't need too. In my high school, they sign up for the school to have a uniform policy. I see girls be trendy even with a unifrom. A UNIFORM!! Skinny jeans, heels, excessive amounts of jewelry, even go to length and try to make the uniform "sexy". The way you dress giving off personality has its downsides. You could dress like an office lady and act like a total tomboy for example.