How do you wear your eyeliner?

1)What kind do you use (brand, type)?

2) what color(s) do you use?

3) what part of the eye do you put it on? (Top lashline, bottom lashline, upper lid, waterlines, etc

4) what is your favorite eye makeup look?

5) do you wear eyeshadow and or mascara with your liner? If yes what kinds and colors?

6) do you think certain eyecolors look better in different liner shades? For exmple my eyes are a blueish shade of green with yellow in the middle so I only like shades of brown and black liner on myself but some of my friends w brown eyes look good in blue or purple eyeliner.


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  • i use any to be honest I have a couple colors I have blue purple and black oh and brown I sometimes use eye shodow but only when I go out to an event or something I wear a lot of mascara sometimes they just open my eyes more and make them look round I love my mascara I use this one


    it works great I also use this brand of eye shodows they last all day and night and enhanse your eyes



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  • I don't wear eye liner but if I did I don't know what kind I would wear


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  • 1. Revlon Colorstay liquid liner and Sephora's pencil liner.

    2. black and brown

    3. liquid liner on my top lash line; pencil liner on my waterline [ sometimes I put the pencil liner on my upper waterline to give my upper lashes some fullness. ]

    4. natural looks that compliment my skin tone, e.g. golds, browns, greens, etc.

    5. Yes, I usually wear them with my liner. I currently have the regular MAC mascara; although not as good on my lashes as Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express mascara.

    6. Yep. See number 4.

  • How do you wear your eyeliner? I don't wear eyeliner.

  • 1. The one with the most interesting cover as brand doesn't bother me

    2. Black

    3. Upper lid (Half) and bottom lash line

    4. Smokey eyes

    5. I wear green or blue eye shadow sometimes with light colors to add shading so they appear smokier and I don't know kinds, Again brands don't bother me. If I wear slightly less eyeliner, I do use a little mascara but my eyelashes are naturally long and thick so I normally don't bother.

    6. Hmm everyone suits the black eyeliner look but certain colors don't look too great, Like purple, Depending on the style its in most girls look a little bruised :D

  • 1) usually maybelline or essence


    3)i usually use black or brown on the top lashline in a cat eye,and I use purple/red/white/brown on my waterline (it doesn't look as crazy as it sounds lol)

    4)cat eye

    4) I use black mascara,and for eye shadow-not really,sometimes I use some beige eye shadow just for highlighting tho

    6)i don't really follow those rules,but I know they exist,you can probably find them online

  • 1) maybelline

    2)brown and black

    3)waterline and lower lid

    4) I don't really have a favorite... I like it subtle

    5)sometimes but I am not a big fan of lots of makeup

    6)yes, I think brown eyes and fair skin suit brown eyeline and blue eyes, suit blue... except I don't wear blue eyeliner that often.

  • 1) Dr Hauschka all-natural pencil eyeliner

    2) dark brown

    3) bottom lashline

    4) smoky/dark eyes

    5) yes, black mascara + smoky eyeshadow in outer corner, golden eyeshadow in inner corner (blend)

    6) no, it might depend more on your skin-tone and fashion sense (blue eyeliner looks neat with a punkier outfit)

  • I use whatever works. Usually black or brown-black. I don't really have a favorite eye make-up look, although I do wear mascara with my eyeliner. I rarely wear eyeshadow. I usually try and make it look a little something like this: link

  • 1. Rimmel or Dior

    2. black magic or plum

    3. upper lid, bottom waterline

    4. slightly thicker top liner, defined lower lid

    5. sometimes... purples/golds generally. mascara by Givenchy

    6. yup.

  • I do top eyeliner with liquid. Bottom with a pencil or gel roller. I like dark brown. I think pure black looks kind of severe on me sometimes.

  • 1. Rimmel, Liquid eyeliner.

    2. Black.

    3. top lash line.

    4. cat eyes.

    5. Only mascara, ScandalEYES.

    6. Darker colors should have lighter eyeliner colors. But mine are light brown so they look lighter when I put on black.

  • i use dior's black eyeliner on my top line

    then stila's liner in topez for my water line

    for mascara, I use givenchy mascara phenomenon

  • 1- I have no idea what brand lol

    2- Black that's it

    3- Top lashline and bottom waterlines I guess

    4- I really only like eye liner and more then that and I look like a hooker lol

    5- No eyeshadow mascara yes black

    6- I don't like other color eye liners... they look a bit tacky.