How does the mind of the really attractive guys work?

I know it's a stupid question but sometimes extremely attractive guys seem like a diffrent specie, how do they think? what does attract them in girls, and what are some common traits they usually have?


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  • How does the mind of the really attractive guys works? The same as any guy: sleep with as many girls as possible then when older marry and settle down with a younger/much younger girl. The only difference is that it's easier for them to do it.

    Most guys commit based on whether they have plenty of options for sex. If a guy doesn't a lot of options then he's most likely to want to commit.

    What does attract them in girls, and what are some common traits they usually have?

    They attract girls by their looks.

    Most really attractive guys are funny, confident, outgoing, and social. People will claim shallow and douche but I find those traits common in most guys. It's amusing how nice guys are much more shallow and douchey than my guy friends.

    ^ my guy friends are two types- attractive and really attractive.


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  • my male friend who definitely very (atleast with his shirt on) he's fat muscular (more muscle than fat) and he doesn't fit the stereotypes at all, I actually fit them more than he does. ever since we started hanging out (he was 18 or 19) he always had lots of girl parts (he wants companionship and what not). he me a story where a girl seduced him and only wanted sex, he was very mad about it. he is currently married at 20 or 21 to a person he claims is 25,26, or 27 (I can't remember). other than that his mind doesn't seem any different and I haven't noticed any difference between the two for most part, although I haven't had hardly any very attractive friend and I'm not very social

  • Depends on how he's treated as to his attitude. If he's outgoing and somewhat popular then he's probably going to be taking advantage of that and getting his equipment serviced whenever he can. Of course there are exceptions to this but a guy that has that available to him is pretty much in a buffet line for his favorite food- he probably won't turn it down.

    A common trait they usually have is their sense of self-assurance. If being around girls and people in general is a usual thing for them, then they're going to have a comfort about it. This will show as them being a natural at socializing, charming, etc.

  • I think everyone is different, really. Attractive, or not people will act as the individuals they are. Sure, you may find a slightly increased frequency of attractive guys being boring or cocky, but barely any more than an average or unattractive guy.

  • They want to breed, kiddo. All girls throw themselves at them so why should they commit to only one? I knew a guy who once had 5 girls on the go!


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  • they get attention based purely on their looks

    so they don't feel like they have to make any effort to be interesting/attractive to people

    so they have really boring personalities

    and they make no effort to make you feel good

  • Inside the head of a hot guy: "Yeah I am so hot I bet I could f*** that girl. Yeah I'm a douche bag but IDGAF, I am just so hot girls can't resist me. Eww she's ugly, no. I'm gonna work out tonight and get swoll and later me and my friends are gonna go out and hit on some chicks and get some ass and then never call them again. I'm gonna see how many girls I can f***. Damn I'm just hot sh*t."

  • It's a good question, really :)

    1) If the guy is handsome but lacks a brain and a good attitude, he'd think he could win any girl's heart, sleep with anyone he wants, just wink and the girl faints.

    2) If the guy is handsome and has a beautiful attitude and a brain, he'd know that his good looks is just a bonus. He'd love it, but wouldn't live by it.