Girls if your boyfriend asked you to dress more conservatively, would you do it for him?

supposing that your clothes are a bit provocative

would you do it just for him, because you love him

to make things clearer, I won't do such thing just to control her, I don't have this kind of problems, and it also depends on where we were going, dressing for the movies is different from dressing to a party, plus I'm not gonna tell her: hey girl! listen from now on you're not wearing these clothes anymore. NO, I'll sit with her and explain to her why I'm asking this from her, so that she'll be understanding and compliant,
another thing is that some of you girls said that why would he ask you to do this after dating for a long time, well for me I would ask her this from the beginning. also some of you said why would I date her from the beginning, as I said to "knowmeyourself" some girls are great from every aspect except the way they dress, it doesn't suit me or my community,
oops, updated twice the same thing, anyway in case not all of you girls read the guys answers, well take a look on them, specially the dudes who answered anon (with long answers) and "FrancoBattiato", actually they helped in expressing my point of view,

you girls don't know how we guys think, it's not just a matter of pursuiting the trend, there's more into it, and for the girls who answered with Yes (they would change), I tell you your boyfriends are lucky to have you :)


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  • OMG why do people keep repeating the word CONTROLLING! if a man doesn't like the way his woman dresses in a particular time doesn't mean he is controlling. it means he cares for her. A controlling man would be someone who would force you to do something.

    If my man wanted to come outside shirtless, or topless I would immediately ask him to put on a shirt or t-shirt. WHY? I don't want him bothering the eyes of single women out there who can't get a man who is attractive. I also don't want women drooling over him. and I don't want him attracting unwanted attention.

    Obviously for a man, there is more to what I just said above. they are men, they are hardwired to protect their woman.


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  • If I get anymore conservative I'll be wearing a burqa, so no.

    if he asked me to, I don't know if I'd change my ENTIRE wardrobe, it depends what I was wearing at the time, where I was going and if I felt like it or not. it depends on what he's talking about. my version of his "provocative" could differ from his. I had one boyfriend who would get mad if I wore makeup, spent time on my hair or wore cute clothes when he wasn't with me. that wasn't cool and I didn't change then.

  • I would tell him to f*** off, but it's good to know the truth about what he thinks about my clothes.. A better approach would to take me shopping and say "I think you would look beautiful in this (insert conservative outfit)"

    • Would you lean towards wearing those clothes if he did it like that?

    • yea, but this is on the same level of changing someone so it must be don't delicately and not pushed. because If I'm wearing those clothes it's for a reason, because I like them, not to get other guys attention he needs to trust that no matter what I wear I'm his. I don't want to date my date, he should want me to look and feel sexy, I'm leaning more towards the "f*** off" part of my

  • I might humor him a little bit, within reason, just because I like making my dude happy and I value his feelings. I occasionally wear certain things I own more often just because I know he likes them. But at the end of the day, I wear what I want/like and I don't need anyone's permission to do it because I'm an adult, and my own person. He knew how I dressed when he decided to date me.

    That being said though, my dude doesn't have any issues with what I wear, no matter how much leg I'm showing, or if you can see a little cleavage. He likes and comments on my quirky clothing choices, lol. So this isn't really a problem for me. And I don't dress all that provocatively anyway. Like my boobs aren't popping out all over the place, and I only have bare legs when I wear shorts. With skirts, especially short ones, I pretty much always wear tights of some sort. I'm not a big fan of totally exposing my body to strangers, lol.

    • Lol one downvote so far, YES!

  • Girls if your boyfriend asked you to dress more conservatively, would you do it for him? No

    would you do it just for him, because you love him? No and if love is his bs excuse to guilt trip me into following his controlling behavior I'd inform him I shouldn't have to change myself or do things to suit him to prove my love right before dumping him

    Then I'd laugh because guys are always whining about how girls try to change them LMAO XD

    • change yourself? it's clothes.

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    • Cleavage? Short shorts? Shirt where her tummy is revealing? Make urself look like a dum slots wanting to get effed up -_-
      Seriously.. respect yo man's wish. No need for anymore admirers beside yo man '-'

    • @Keyspirit
      In my opinion respect is earned and being my boyfriend doesn't earn him control over what I wear. I find it amusing and a bit biased for guys to whine about a gal having admires when he himself admires other gals- fantasizes about other gals, masturbates to p*rn/other gals, and checks out other gals.

      If he can 'admire' other gals I'm not going to limit my expression for his insecurity that other guys will look at me.

  • I don't know.

    It's tricky - on principle - I'd say no.

    If you're dating me, you're dating me for me and if you don't like it you don't like me - and they way I dress is a part of who I am.

    But honestly it's hard for me to say because although I don't dress conservatively, I don't dress at all provocatively either, so if a guy asked me to change the way I dress; I'd worry mostly that he had serious paranoia issues.

    But that aside, I wouldn't do it because I don't feel that they way I dress is in any way indecent, or demeaning of our relationship in terms of me outwardly trying to attract other men.

    That being said, if I put on something to go out in - and my 'boyfriend' asked me to change because it was a bit revealing. Then sure, probably I would. I wouldn't mind a guy having a problem with me wearing certain things at certain times - but if he asked me to completely change the way I dressed at all times, then no, I wouldn't do it.

    • Why you girls think that if a guy asks you to dress more conservative is for "paranoia issues" or insecurities? What about if those are just his values?

    • I said I'd assume that in terms of me - because I don't dress in anyway provocative. So if a guy asked ME to change the way I dressed, I would assume it wasn't because his values - because there isn't anything wrong with the way I dress in terms of being ... too out there.

      I wouldn't assume this of every guy who asks every girl to change the way they dress.

  • that would depend on the extent to which he meant conservitive I'm not going to start wearing turtleneck shirts and long sleeves with baggie pants all the time to keep myself covered but if its with in reason then of course I would.

  • I would, if he had a good reason and he wasn't trying to control me, just wanting me to cover up a bit so other guys don't drool over me and stuff. I totally understand that and would be fine with it.

  • Nope and I'd be worried if he had jealousy issues. However, you could say, "Hun, what you're wearing is so hot! You should seriously consider toning it down otherwise I'll have a really hard time paying attention to you instead of your hot body when we are dating.". She'll get the point and you won't seem insecure/ controlling.

    • well, jealousy to a certain limit is healthy for the relationship

    • I think that you need to specify how non-conservative she is dressing. Is she wearing high heels with a miniskirt barely covering her butt and a tank top showing cleavage or see through clothing? Or is she simply attractive and wears cleavage once in a while with pants and then a skirt but covers her goods or clothes that are revealing of her hourglass shape? If its the latter... please do not bother and enjoy that eventhough she's hot and could have anybody... she chose you.

  • If he intends to buy me a collection of burkas to wear I might just consider it.

    I don't dress at all provocatively, so if he asked me to dress in a more conservative manner I'd be rather shocked and offended.

    • @updates: if you knew she dressed provocatively beforehand and it's a big deal to you-- don't date her.

      Stop trying to have others conform to your values, find those who hold your values. It's simple, don't make things overly complicated.

  • Of course! The fact that I loved him, I would do anything to make him happy :)

    P.S- I don't even dress bad..but, my Boyfriend didn't like me wearing shirts that 'revealed' but, I totally agreed with him. I am only his took look at :) So, I never did :)

    best wishes xx

    • The guy who gets in a relationship with you, will be very fortunate to be with a flexible woman like you. Very hard to find nowadays.

    • Yes ! Yours is true love for him. You are not selfish because his feelings are important to you :-) +1

    • aww thank you to both of you! I am glad you think that :)

  • If you presented a logical argument, you might be able to convince me. I won't rule anything out.

  • If she dresses like some skank and looks like she's dressed to go clubbing all the time, then I wouldn't be surprised if he expected that of her. Have any of you seen what some girls wear out and about? It's not about fashion, it's dressing like a hooker to go grocery shopping. Some girls take "slutty" and confuse it with "cute."

    However, if she wears something decent and it happens to show off a little cleavage, so what?

    It would really depend on what she's actually wearing that you consider "provocative" and what you consider conservative. It you mean going from skanky to more modest and classy, then I'd think it would be a reasonable request. However, if she's dressed relatively well and you expect her to go nun status, eff that noise.

  • Since I don't really dress 'provocatively', I'd think that he was being weirdly controlling. So, no, I wouldn't. And I preferably wouldn't be in a relationship with someone who asked me to.

  • I already dress conservatively so it would be no big deal to me. And yeah, if he asked, I would do it for him even though I do hate being told what to do normally.

  • Yes I would.

  • I honestly don't care. Sometimes I ask my husband to dress me and he picks out his favorite shirt I wear or a favorite jacket he likes seeing me in. I otherwise dress for a work place all the time. I work almost every day and yes I'll dress it up a bit if I know I am having date night right after work otherwise it's pants or capris

  • Nope. I'd dump him. It's my body, I'll wear what I want. F***what he thinks.

    • @update; still no. Why should he care what I wear? If you liked the girl in the first place, what you see is what you get. If you're attracted to her, her style of dress can't be that bad. If it's that big of an issue, deal with it or break up. Honestly.

  • um yea she shouldn't be dress that way to much anyway... she's suppose to show you all the goods.

  • No. He doesn't get to tell me how to dress. I wear what I want to wear and I don't care what he thinks. If he truly cares, then he will accept me and not let something as superficial as clothes get in the way of anything. I'm not listening to that "I'll do it because I love you" bullsh*t. That is just some ploy guys try to use to get what they want! If he really loves me, then he will put his own selfish ideas aside and let me be the indvidiual that I am.

    • Although, I don't dress provocatively so if a guy asked me to do that, I'd think it was ridiculous and that he had some serious insecurity issues that he better get over before he loses a great girl!

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    • I agree with you to an extent. the main thing for me is the reason, if its straight up that he wants to change me-NO WAY. But if its something like he thinks I look better this way or he doesn't like how guys are looking at me, I would LEAN towards that direction. Not change completely.

    • Crazybear, my thing is that I don't dress provacitvaely anyway! This is my body! I don't remember signing over my individuality for some guy to mold as he pleases just because I've allowed him to be my boyfriend! He should stop being so damn insecure because clearly I've chosen him. I'm not going to let guys disrespect me and I'm not going to cheat on him so wtf is the problem? There is none, but his fragile ego.

  • My boyfriend HAS asked me to do's just that he's asked me to change a lot of other things, too, so I feel like he's being too controlling. So my answer is no. I don't think he should want to change me. I don't dress extremely provocatively, but I like to look good, and sometimes I just want to wear a pair of yoga pants. I don't think the way I dress is un-tasteful, so I don't want to change.

  • Yes, I'd definitely do it :) As long as we both love each other I'm willing to compromise :)

  • Yes, of course I would. I would expect him to cut out things that made me uncomfortable as well though.

  • No. Mr. Muffin Loves me for who I am.

    He would never say sh*t like that to me.

    He loved me with or without the powdered sugar.

    He love me for me.

    If he asked for me to stop wearing powdered sugar...I will have to get a divorce...because that wouldn't seem like the guy I loved before. It is like he would be trying to change who I am...But he already knows..I love wearing powdered it would seem odd.

  • Mmm. If I had a boyfriend and he asked me to dress more conservatively, I'd probably want to talk and find out exactly what he wants. I would respect him a hell of a lot more if he sat me down to talk about it first.

    I don't think I'll ever have that problem, though. I am as modest as can be whilst still flattering my body. Honestly, I'd be more concerned about *him* showing more skin than myself.

    I'm a recovering compulsive picker, so, I really can't have my skin showing much.

    • What clothing on a guy would be revealing ?

    • It isn't necessarily that it'd be revealing, it's just that even in shorts he'd probably be showing more skin than I would, haha.

  • depends on the reason.

    even if I love the guy, if it's for insecurity reasons and/or the fact that he doesn't trust me to ignore other guys and he doesn't realize that if I am dressing a certain provocative way, it's for HIM and not anyone else, then that's his problem. I don't dress that way, but if I started dating a guy I really liked, I would show off my curves and stuff whenever I'm out with him, for him. If he doesn't like that because of untrue reasons, then he isn't the guy for me.

    however, if he just wants to see me dress a certain way because he likes it better and he thinks I look better in it, (depending on how he puts it), I would be willing to make compromises and dress a little more for his liking.

  • I already dress conservatively relative to my culture and place.

    I refuse however to fold to crazy religious beliefs.

  • he doesn't like the way I dress then he shouldn't be with me. that would be changing who I am

  • I guess it would depend on the reason. I would have to say yes though.

  • I already dress modestly/conservatively, so that wouldn't be an issue.

    I'm also not one to be controlled. I wouldn't enter into a relationship with someone and then try to change how they dress or their style, so why would I allow someone to do what I wouldn't? So no. Although again, it's not an issue for me because I don't believe in dressing provocatively

  • Yes, definitely. As long as he was being legit, and there actually was a problem with my clothing choices. I would want him to feel comfortable in the relationship as well.

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  • A lot of the girls answers here are the typical feminist response they've been programmed with these days. I have once asked my girl to wear jeans instead of a skirt. She asked why and I just said it'd make me feel better. Now immediately I bet you think it's primitave jealousy or trying to 'change you' (they're f***ing clothes, grow up, you wear a suit to a job interview). She said yes without any more questions but if she did ask I would have told her the truth.

    It wasn't to control her, or to 'change her' (still laughing at the bs of that lol), it was to protect her. Like a man is supposed to do of his woman. No, I do not agree that a woman is responsible if she gets raped while wearing something very provocative, but if you think that wearing that provocative thing isn't increasing your chances of rape then you are mentally retarded. I asked her to wear jeans because it'd be a lot easier for a rapist to get at a girl wearing a skirt than a girl wearing jeans and that fact alone could deter someone. That is why it would make me feel better.

    BA so all the moronic 'he's trying to change me' girls can see it.

    • And ofcourse with this statement comes the backing factor that if I were with her, or at least in ear shot of her (shouts for help) she could wear a bikini for all I care. As long as I can keep her safe from any scumbags who think that's an invitation.

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    • Then your initial comment was pointless, because a pair of jeans WILL lessen your chances of getting raped in comparison to a skirt.

    • Hang on let me try and dredge some care from give a f*** bay. Way to go creep on my pictures.

  • I once had a Mrs who said I needed to dress 'less thuggishly'... guess how long she lasted

  • it makes perfect sense to me, if she is good material she would understand. :)

  • I would think they might but also it would seem like the boyfriend is controlling.

  • If it was my girlfriend, she wouldn't- and would be pissed if I asked her to stay her style. But then again my girl is different, she treats everything like a business.

  • You say "love". If she really loved him, in the real sense of the word "love", then of course she'd do it. If she didn't really love him, then it's iffy. Some girls would change, others would think he was too controlling. If he had a good reason, she should change - like, if she dressed REALLY provocatively then she should change. She's not single and shouldn't be trying to get the attention of guys in a sexual way, just as neither person in the relationship should be flirting with other people. But if she wasn't really dressed that provocatively and just maybe showing a bit of thigh or cleavage, there's no reason to ask her to change and she probably wouldn't change. Hope that makes sense.

    • good answer..though, I'd change for him, regardless if I loved him :)

    • Thanks :). And that's nice... as long as it's a reasonable request lol - like I said, if you weren't that bad then his asking you to change could be a sign that he's too jealous or controlling and that could lead to much, much worse problems later on in the relationship.

  • Honestly, I hate that conversation so I basically avoid it by not dating girls whom dress provocatively to begin with.

  • hmmm good question...i know why you would ask that, so she doesn'get looked at and droolled over by other guys, totatlly understandable. Personally if she dressed slutty, I wouldn't be with her in the first place, so this wouldn't be an issue any ways. However if she asked me to do the same thing and if she could make a good argument about it, then I woud change clothes as well. There is nothing wrong with receiving constructive judgement and suggestions, the problem starts when she starts to boss me around and telling me what I should and I shouldn't do, my ex was like that and she was really annoying, my friend is like that too and she really pisses me off when she does that.

  • I don't see why I'd be telling her how to dress in general lol. It's just gonna come off eventually anyways :D :P

  • If you would like to have her do something for you, you should not use your love for her to threaten her in order to do it. The correct way to go about this would be to simply say, "I don't feel comfortable going out with you like that". If she's compliant, she'll change. I guess what I'm saying is, say it at your own risk.

  • Wait your complaining that she dresses to much like a slut? I though all guys would want that unless your a Muslim

    • Most guys wouldn't want that if the girl dressed like that in public and got a bunch of stares from a bunch of guys. The boyfriend would probably get a bit jealous.

  • yes

  • Would you girls get mad if your boyfriend checked out a girl who was dressed like a street walker? I'm sure you would. No woman dresses like that to be classy, they want the attention and if my attention isn't enough, then she can go and find it somewhere else. Its also funny when girls at clubs show all that cleavage and get pissed at guys for staring. Don't want unwanted attention? Then don't draw unwanted attention to youself.

  • I find most of the responses here funny. because over 50% of these woman most likely complain about their man looking and checking out and flirting with other woman. Why? Its because How they are f***ing dressed.

    If you dress like a clubbing skank all the time and you have a Boyfriend then somethings wrong with you. Your purposely dressing that why because you like the attention you get. You shouldn't be with someone if you need attention from everyone else. And its even worse if you have male "friends" and dress like your single. Don't advertise if the shop is not open.

  • Bitches will be bitches.