I want this type of hair... would it look good?

I want shakira hair. not the length (mine is wayyy longer and I would never cut it). But, I want this style.would it look good? (Check the link).


You can look at my icon or pics to see how I normally have my hair.


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  • Say no to this hair. This would only look good in real life if you were going clubbing. Way too medusa, especially on your face which has nice bone structure which would be over powered.

    If you want the type of waves and not the volume, go for it. It will add intrigue to your hair without being too much. Just beware the first week after a perm is its fluffiest.


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  • I really like how your hair is now. I think that Shakira hair is best for "show" if you get what I mean. It isn't the type of hair I would wear out for a normal day, it's something that seems like it would be for specia; occassions.

    • Yeah that's what I was thinking... I don't know if I could wear it that way to school or work without feeling like an attention-fiend.

  • Yes, I think it would look fabulous. Keep in mind that when your hair is curly, it appears shorter than it does when you straighten it.

  • i don't really like it

    the hair

    i mean

    just my personal opinoin

    but if you do, go for it!

    its not what other people think, it's if YOU like it or not

  • Looks waaaay hard to handle. I wouldn't recommend it.