My boyfriend is telling me how to dress?

I wear what I think are normal clothes, shorts from American Eagle (they can be kinda short) tank tops, spaghetti straps and sun dresses (yes they can be pretty low cut) but I' m pretty and I don't mind showing some skin. I'm happy to flaunt what I have but my boyfriend is not. he doesn't even want me dressing up in a sexy Halloween costume. he gets pissed off when I wear low cut outfits and tells me anything that shows off too much booty is a no. I'm sick of him telling me how to dress. what do I do?


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  • In essence your saying what your saying is your boyfriend wants to be the only one to see you like that, but for you that's not enough. You want to have guys check you out all time and lust over you other then your supposed boyfriend. Ya I can't understand why he does like it... <.<

    • I enjoy looking good. It gives me confidence. I dressed like this before him, I shouldn't have to change. I'm not wearing t shirts and sweatpants the rest of my life. Sorry but I really don't see ANYTHING wrong with wanting to look good. he's insecure and apparently so are you.

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  • ...stand up for yourself?

    Tell him to either accept you will dress how you want or dump him.

  • Wow, your boyfriend sounds like TONS of fun. Maybe you two aren't so compatible.


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  • You tell him "Love me for who I am or leave".

    You shouldn't let him control you. I did, with my ex, and it got worse.