What's it mean when women look you in the eye as you're walking by?

So, you read all over this site about how if a girl likes you she'll avoid eye contact, or look beyond him, or whatever. Then you get the occurrences when she doesn't find him attractive, and just looks where she's going or at something more interesting. But does it mean anything if the majority of young women a guy passes will look him in the eye, but no where else? In other words, not check a guy out, not look beyond him, not look then look away, but look him dead in the eye for as long as he looks at them, then nothing more...?

Or does it mean nothing at all?

My quest to in some way find understanding of the female half (third...?) continues... Have any enlightening information to share?


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  • A hard question to answer, but I'll do my best.

    Like guys there are confident and unconfident women. Confident women are going to be blatantly obvious when they're attracted to a man. They'll give intense eye contact, small smiles, winks, etc.

    Unconfident women are going to steal glances at you then quickly look away. They can also become jittery, with their movements, gain embarrassed smiles, blush etc.

    Now there's also another factor that comes into play. Sometimes you can lock eyes with someone unintentionally, by this I don't mean you unaware that it's happening either. It's kind of like you suddenly look up and see someone there and before you know it, the stare down is happening and it goes on for how long before one of the two parties (usually the girl) breaks it.

    As you can see, to answer your question isn't easy. If a girl is interested she'll give you another sign like a blush or smile, if she's not giving these signs and staring unemotionally, I'd say it's an unintentional eye lock.

    This is just a rough guide of course. I've found that when I'm interested in a guy that I lock eyes with, I give other cues I'm interested in him without even realizing it.

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  • A girl who would do that sounds pretty confident. She's obviously trying to get the guy's attention and to show that she's interested. If she didn't find you attractive she wouldn't stare at you for more than a quick glance and if she did then she would be looking you up and down, not in the eye.

    • hmm.. but sometimes I stare at guys I'm not interested in. And if I look at a guy up and down I'm most likely checking him out. Maybe it's just me though.

    • You stare at random guys without breaking eye contact as you walk?

  • If I held eye contact with a guy for longer than a few seconds, it definitely means I'm attracted to him, or at least interested. Sometimes it's fun to just see their reactions, like yours. Most appear baffled, flattered, embarrassed, or just keep walking on. But I do have the tendency to make eye contact with everyone around me, just out of curiosity. And on another note, I don't have to full look a guy up and down to tell if he's attractive or not. I kind absorb his entire body with one look, and I can tell if I'm attracted just by the look in his eyes. If that makes sense. :\

  • either she finds you attractive or she's mad at you. but if she's mad at you, you'll know because it will be more of a glare than just a stare.

  • I'm shy and usually look away but if I do that with a guy then I'm either feeling good/having a good day or I'm thinking "why is he staring at me, what do you want person?" and mentally stare back until he looks away haha

    • lol wow this is EXCACTLY how I think as well-

    • great minds think alike! ;) haha

    • THIS is the best answer. As a girl, I completely associate with this answer. For instance, if I'm having a rough day, or just feel bad looking I will tend to avoid eye contact with people I find attractive because I don't want to see them judging me or have to deal with them possibly trying to check me out. Kind of stupid logic but whatever.

  • maybe you look just interesting to them

    • Well I know I have rather big ears hahahahaha

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  • Depends on the girl I think. Sometimes a girl might not LET you catch her checking you out and just be showing you some respect. I don't let my eyes wander over a girl as much if I know she's watching me(even if I am attracted to them).

    Some might just be showing they're matching your gaze. I find it a bit of a turn-on when a girl looks me back, dead square, in the eye. If you smile and she smiles, I believe that you have an opening for a 'move' - if that's what you're wanting to do.

  • Maybe the guy has beautiful eyes, but I'm kind of curious too.

  • Basic Body Language

    Facial Expressions:


    Women tend to drop their chin slightly and glance from under eyebrows while smiling.


    Eyes engaged, mouth relaxed, tilted with interest.

    And to your question:

    Held Gazes-

    Interested or Attracted (Pupils Dilated)

    Anger or hostility (Pupils Constricted)

    "Intimate Feelings"-

    Gaze wanders from eyes down face to other parts of the body

    Just a little information for the heck of it but, what your are stating since I'm guessing its not a women you have met before then they are checking you out or interest/trying to get your attention.

    Another fun fact: About ~60-70% of rapport is eye contact.

    • No, about 80% is non-verbal, but that's more than just eye-contact.

    • Hence why I said "eye contact" not non-verbal :) although I could have worded it better

  • If they look you in the eye it probably means "you better not be looking at my chest, buster!"

  • She just finds you attractive.

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