What's it mean when women look you in the eye as you're walking by?

So, you read all over this site about how if a girl likes you she'll avoid eye contact, or look beyond him, or whatever. Then you get the occurrences when she doesn't find him attractive, and just looks where she's going or at something more interesting. But does it mean anything if the majority of young women a guy passes will look him in the eye, but no where else? In other words, not check a guy out, not look beyond him, not look then look away, but look him dead in the eye for as long as he looks at them, then nothing more...?

Or does it mean nothing at all?

My quest to in some way find understanding of the female half (third...?) continues... Have any enlightening information to share?


Most Helpful Girl

  • A hard question to answer, but I'll do my best.

    Like guys there are confident and unconfident women. Confident women are going to be blatantly obvious when they're attracted to a man. They'll give intense eye contact, small smiles, winks, etc.

    Unconfident women are going to steal glances at you then quickly look away. They can also become jittery, with their movements, gain embarrassed smiles, blush etc.

    Now there's also another factor that comes into play. Sometimes you can lock eyes with someone unintentionally, by this I don't mean you unaware that it's happening either. It's kind of like you suddenly look up and see someone there and before you know it, the stare down is happening and it goes on for how long before one of the two parties (usually the girl) breaks it.

    As you can see, to answer your question isn't easy. If a girl is interested she'll give you another sign like a blush or smile, if she's not giving these signs and staring unemotionally, I'd say it's an unintentional eye lock.

    This is just a rough guide of course. I've found that when I'm interested in a guy that I lock eyes with, I give other cues I'm interested in him without even realizing it.