Any designers out there?

My new apartment has white everything - walls, wall-to-wall carpeting, doors, appliances, just everything! My furniture is neutral colors, like tan, cherry wood, etc. so the space is basically a blank canvas. Any ideas how to decorate it? Help/ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I like: bright colors, landscapes, Europe, sports, jewelry/shoes :-), wine, flowers, horses/dogs/animals in general if that helps


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  • I've always loved a classic red and black theme.. something like this - link

    Everyone had different taste though; pick a couple main colors and go off of that. I'd just go to IKEA (love them) they have so much stuff/ design ideas.


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  • I love cherry wood, my favorite. For your white walls, you could do golden brown with a mixture of color that will stand out---purple, yellow, red, teal, rosary pink. On one side of the wall, like TV wall or your frame wall, you could add a European wallpaper, like vintage. Make sure you add candles too

  • Whats great is if you pick some nuteral type color like a like grey color you can add color with accesories like pillows and rugs and so on that way if you get sick of the color you don't have to repaint just have to get new pillows and stuff