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Do teen girls like beards?

ok so in my group of friends I'm the only 1 shavin and they all ask me 2 grow a beard. I was talking 2 the girl I like and she said it would be cool... Show More

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  • Its hard to say. A friend can say that they think it'll be cool, but also someone who likes you could say that too. I think you should do it if you want to. Personally I don't like them, but I'm sure there's some girls who do.

What Girls Said 29

  • Trimmed facial hair is okay but the more you have the older you look and not every guy looks good with it some look like creepers or hobo

  • Hmm older teens like myself but younger teens probably not.

    I like it shaven tbh because I'm quiet immature and giggle inwardly every time I see a guy from 6th grade in High School with a stash but that's just me.

    That only applies to guys I have known for years though, before the big P hit.

    However, facial hair can be hot as fire.

  • Hot. :P

  • i like it as long as it well mantained

  • I don't.

  • yea some girls like beards and some dont
    I personally like scruffy guys

    • When I say scruffy I mean stubble at most

  • scruff is OK, furry is not. Keep it clean or keep it trimmed please.

  • Being 17, I personally prefer no facial hair, or a maybe a little stubble because I like the youthful look. But I don't like when it's all prickly and hurts when you touch it, facial hair can look really sexy on the right guy though.

  • I personally don't. I know some girls do though!

  • Not like jesus beards, only the rare few can pull off that look. I love a good 5o'clock shadow or slight goatee though!

  • beards are gross...dont do it...haha

  • I personally do like it, at my school there's a senior with a beard and all the girls from my class think he's hot we're junior. He keeps it long and it's pretty soft, I guess with him the caveman style really works out. It's all about hou you handle it and your personality.

  • i don't like it. or much other hair its scratchy and yucky

  • No, no no no. I dated a guy with facial hair, and it felt like kissing sand paper. Ick.

  • Yeah. As long as it's not wildly out grown.

  • ive seen so many hot guys in my school with beards and they look pretty good. Its not about just having one but you need to shape it to fit your face so that it does look nice. I think beards are hot.

  • Personally, I do not like facial hair at all. None. It gives guys the caveman look. Now I'm sure there are some girls who like it . Just be yourself. If you like your facial hair, keep it.

  • I for one don't like beards

  • Only if it's an all around sort of scruffiness, not a long, or patchy, beard.

  • Don't like the beards but a little facial hair isn't that bad either.

  • I never notice it.

  • I don't know, I don't think teen girls like beards, I've never seen them grow one.

  • I don't like them...espesially those weird wispy ones...

  • sexy

  • I do

  • I personally don't. I still have a lot of people I knew throughout grade school in my school, so seeing them with facial hair makes me cringe. For some reason facial hair makes guys seem less well kept/older (in a bad way)- I guess it's my male equivalent of seeing girls who don't shave their legs- I don't hate it, it's a natural occurrence, and I get that-I just prefer clean shaven men.

  • i love them, but depends from girl to girl (:

  • F*** yes. Beards are hot if you have the right facial structure and trim it the right way.

What Guys Said 2

  • dude, stubble at most. why would you want a beard? =P

  • I think most girls do like beards. The problem is they all like different styles of beards so growing one may or may not help you. For younger girls I think many of them are just not use to dating a guy with a beard. People tend to resist what they are not use to. I have known several woman that hated that their man grew a beard. After a while the women have all grown to love the beards and tell the guys not to shave them off.

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