Do teen girls like beards?

ok so in my group of friends I'm the only 1 shavin and they all ask me 2 grow a beard. I was talking 2 the girl I like and she said it would be cool but does she mean she would like it ?


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    Its hard to say. A friend can say that they think it'll be cool, but also someone who likes you could say that too. I think you should do it if you want to. Personally I don't like them, but I'm sure there's some girls who do.

  • sexy

  • I do

  • Hot. :P

  • scruff is OK, furry is not. Keep it clean or keep it trimmed please.

  • Trimmed facial hair is okay but the more you have the older you look and not every guy looks good with it some look like creepers or hobo

  • I personally don't. I still have a lot of people I knew throughout grade school in my school, so seeing them with facial hair makes me cringe. For some reason facial hair makes guys seem less well kept/older (in a bad way)- I guess it's my male equivalent of seeing girls who don't shave their legs- I don't hate it, it's a natural occurrence, and I get that-I just prefer clean shaven men.

  • yea some girls like beards and some dont
    I personally like scruffy guys

    • When I say scruffy I mean stubble at most

  • I personally do like it, at my school there's a senior with a beard and all the girls from my class think he's hot we're junior. He keeps it long and it's pretty soft, I guess with him the caveman style really works out. It's all about hou you handle it and your personality.

  • i like it as long as it well mantained

  • Being 17, I personally prefer no facial hair, or a maybe a little stubble because I like the youthful look. But I don't like when it's all prickly and hurts when you touch it, facial hair can look really sexy on the right guy though.

  • Don't like the beards but a little facial hair isn't that bad either.

  • i don't like it. or much other hair its scratchy and yucky

  • No, no no no. I dated a guy with facial hair, and it felt like kissing sand paper. Ick.

  • Personally, I do not like facial hair at all. None. It gives guys the caveman look. Now I'm sure there are some girls who like it . Just be yourself. If you like your facial hair, keep it.

  • i love them, but depends from girl to girl (:

  • I for one don't like beards

  • Yeah. As long as it's not wildly out grown.

  • Hmm older teens like myself but younger teens probably not.

    I like it shaven tbh because I'm quiet immature and giggle inwardly every time I see a guy from 6th grade in High School with a stash but that's just me.

    That only applies to guys I have known for years though, before the big P hit.

    However, facial hair can be hot as fire.

  • I never notice it.

  • I personally don't. I know some girls do though!

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  • dude, stubble at most. why would you want a beard? =P

  • I think most girls do like beards. The problem is they all like different styles of beards so growing one may or may not help you. For younger girls I think many of them are just not use to dating a guy with a beard. People tend to resist what they are not use to. I have known several woman that hated that their man grew a beard. After a while the women have all grown to love the beards and tell the guys not to shave them off.