Weird issue with my body? How do I make it attractive?

I am very proud of my legs and butt. They're toned/muscular, thick, and have just the right amount of curve. I LOVE the way I look in shorts or a skirt or anything that shows them off. What's the problem then? My upper body doesn't match!

From the waist down I'm built like an Olympic gymnast only with longer legs. But from the waist up I'm built like a pencil or a drinking straw. HOW do I fix this? And to guys, would it be a problem?


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  • oh well if it bother you I think you should go to a gym and see a personal coach and ask him to built/add more weight to your upper body to be toned, I think if they are certified they can give you awesome workout plans that can help you

    plus learn to love the skin your in because if you can't love it how are the other people supposed to do?

    i have had similar problems and for a while I used to hate my body and envy every girl with a better body but then I learned how to love it and work around it and I think people find my more attractive this way

    i hope this helps


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  • Nothing to "fix," except your perception. You are already VERY attractive. Part petite, part thick, all hot. For plenty of guys you would be the best of both worlds, just open your eyes (and mind) to them.

    If it really bothers you, you can follow the advice below and take up body buildling to "match," but learn to love your body now as you are because that is what really matters.

  • I don't really think this is something that can be "fixed". As for what guys think, well, honestly, I think a lot of guys might look at you and think "whoaah" both for the nice legs/butt-curve, and because the upper body is not proportional. Yes it probably makes you less attractive, but I don't think it will be a problem at all in your finding of a boyfriend. (that and there are many other factors that make a person attractive)


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  • I don't think it would be a problem to guys. I see lots of girls with your shape and guys are always talking about them in a good w ay