I always get screwed over when it comes to picking the right guys. What gives?

I feel like giving up on guys at this point. I just don't care anymore. I don't want to sound full of myself or anything, but I get told that I'm pretty all the time and that I'm really nice and everything but then whenever I like a guy from my school, he doesn't like me back. It makes me feel likes there's something wrong with me...I try to stay positive and move on after getting rejected, but I just don't have any motivation to anymore! All they want is a girl to do sh*t with and I guess I come off as more innocent so they probably don't want to waste their time on me or something. Which isn't even true...I wouldn't be totally prude with some guy I'd been dating a while, but they just don't even give me a chance so they don't know that. What am I supposed to do? I'm so frustrated. How can I pick the right guy? So far all I've ran into is douche bags...no matter how nice they seemed at first. :(


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  • I believe that the guys your going for are not worthy contenders for your kind of talent, so instead of thinking you want a boyfriend when you go out, think to yourself before you go out, that the reason your single is because men worthy of my talent stay quiet and don't rush into advances, incase of being rejected, if you can convince yourself this is true, because it is, you won't have to wait long until those blokes you desire start coming out of the woodwork dieing to take you out for dinner and a dance, girls like you are rare, so blokes , real blokes that is, want to make sure your the real deal, but I can honestly say, your talents have not gone un noticed, your just a little to eager to get into a relationship, which shows in the way you walk, talk, etc etc and this scares the men worthy of you off, so forget the dating efforts for a little while and wait for the advances to start coming to you, let those men ask you out, and you will see a change in how many men look at you,good luck,x


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  • I have the same problem but I'm not going to stop trying. Maybe you just have to lower your standards go for some nerdy looking guys that no one likes maybe they will treat you rite. Besides if they look bad at first its because they don't have enough confidence to bother looking a little more appealing. Its just like girls at the high school that I went to they didn't look all that great but when they started dating guys they began to change their style to look more appealing for their boyfriends and I'm not saying that they started dressing skanky. An example is a girl that use to dress very Goth and boyish like. She started dating this guy and she went from dark gloomy colors to brighter colors and began wearing dresses instead of baggy pants and she also began to style her hair which is always awesome I think.

  • Well, I always get screwed by picking the wrong girls, even when they seemed perfect match at the beginning!

    But it doesn't really bother me! Why should it bother you?


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