Why do guys check out womens butts when they are walking away?

Why do guys check out womens butts when they are walking away?

Why? Lol

Why do I always get l such ow ratings? If its a boring question, you don't need to answer or view it.
@Udoll the troll; here's your whiny update. Behind your lies, I can see the secrets you don't show. xD


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  • lmao, I don't do it. Because I'm a breast guy, besides, I pay attention to their face more often. I'm not going to check out a woman who doesn't have an attractive face. I know that makes me sound like a douche but eh that's my preference. My brothers on the other hand are another thing, they look because they are always scouting out women to flirt with, if she's got curves and a nice butt, they will moonwalk their way over to her and talk to her a few. Half and half they get the girls numbers or not, so oh well. There is no lesson learned in victory but over a thousand in defeat. =)

  • well here's a little human physiology for you:if she is walking away its much easier to see her ass AND there is a significantly smaller chance she will be able to catch you

    • I hope she does catch me! =D

    • im sure "hey, nice ass!" will take care of that haha

    • hahaha! When I talk to a girl my focus is completely on her face... I don't look her up and down and check out her t*ts. But I still want her to know I think she's sexy, that's why I want her to catch me. =)

  • Because that's where my face is going later tonight.

    • In your dreams?

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    • It's cus you're British.

    • I know bro, I know

  • Why not, girls asses look nice

  • its the effects of gravitational pull on the eyes

  • It's because you can't tell we're looking at your ass!

  • Why do girls check out Baldr's penis when he's talking to them? The answer to mine and your question is the same: Because they are hard to miss.

    • Lol, wow...aren't we full of ourselves.

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    • Men in general then.

    • I have nothing against men in general either. Are we finished making dumbass assumptions? Ta.

  • If a girl's hot I like to check out her ass. I also check out her t*ts, her legs, her hair, her eyes, her lips.


    • "It doesn't take anything to upset tyt."

      No-one asked you so butt out.

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    • Nice update baby blocker.

    • Thank you bro

  • If my penis was on my back side so I couldn't tell you were looking at it and I was naked, wouldn't you look?

    • No :D

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    • Hahaha, I doubt it.

    • Even if you didn't wanna look it would be like a beautiful view, you just have to look. Or if the guy is not like me, it could be like seeing a car crash, you still just have to look.

  • So I can fantasize putting my hotdog in between her buns

  • They are mesmerizing and pleasing to the eye as the bounce up and down traveling away. :-D

    • LOL at Butthurt girl. Wow! :-D

  • Coz they are hot!

  • Because I like nice asses. If the girl is too skinny, I tend not to look because often...they don't have one to look at.

  • Feet just don't compare well

  • Why not? I like butts. I can't check it out if you're facing me. lol

    • haha, you're a butt guy. I've seen your answers. ;P

    • I think everyone knows I'm a butt guy. Even people I don't talk to have said it. lol

    • haha :)

  • @update, I get what you are saying, but if that was the case there would be no point in the ratings at all. and its just that there is no real point to the question. the answer is: we like to look at asses. that's it. why? who the hell knows, that's just how it is

    • Darling, if there was no real point to the question, you didn't have to waste your time typing out an answer? Comprende? I am glad we are on the same page.

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    • in saying that I was wasting my time, you implied you thought it had some value (cant really waste something that is useless to begin with). I'm all ready to go to work and don't really have anything to do, therefor these last few minutes are worthless

    • LOL, well OK then

  • Favorite body part.

    Also, they make sounds in my head. I've heard guys saying big ones say 'badonkadonk' but I find the small tighter ones I more imagine going 'boom shaka boom shaka boom shaka boom'

    Incidentally, the opportunity to check out a woman's ass really well is the instant karmic payoff to holding doors open for her, or even better, letting her on the escalator in front of you.

  • My inner beast starts erecting at salivating at a cute tooshie flaunting in plain few.

    I just want to bury my face between those curvy legs, my ears indulging in her erotic despair and my eyes watching as her body reacts to the epicenter of my primal smash.

    • and*

    • I'm guessing you meant *view, but dude seriously, a simple 'I'm a butt man' would suffice.

  • Because it's kind of hard to do it when they are walking towards you... =P


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  • Why do guys check out womens butts when they are walking away? To most men women are a sexual object or body parts that can be sexualized and the butt is one of the most popular parts

    Why do I always get l such low ratings? Some think your question deserves a low rating.

    If its a boring question, you don't need to answer or view it.

    ^ lol do you have the same opinion on others giving you a high rating or is it others disliking your question or finding it bothering that bothers you.

    • If people dislike my question, they don't need to answer it, simple as.

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    • I feel sorry for you :)

      Not only are you an attention seeker.

      You're also a baby blocker who blocks to get the last word..and you were talking about me having my hand glued to the block button...

      You can block this account too I'm now in the habit of you'remy fourth created & deleted account.

      You're the first girl the rest were average d*ck guys who were butthurt.

      I knew I'd have to reblock you looks like you showed your true self with the baby block..and I'm not interested in being trolled

    • I'm unaware of what you feel sorry for-

      great life

      great friends

      great family

      kicka** career..not job career at a young age

      I own my house & car

      I'm a genius

      I'm hot

      I'm furthering my education

      no money troubles

      no dating drama

      And I'm not an attention seeking baby blocker who doesn't like being called out on the fact she whines & complains about low ratings and downvotes because she's concerned about others view her even online.

      Waiting for your whiny update about me.

  • This happened to me...4 times today...-_-...

    idk...guess they like them cakes.

  • i saw this women in the supermarket the other day

    she had a nice arse I must say.

  • Because our butts are cute. :)

  • they do? I never notice lol

  • because asses are nice...? :p