Why does this girl like me? Help I have 2 questions!

Ok I'm not going to lie the best looking girl at a whole school is actually interested in me!?

Let me explain.I went to a party and she immediately took an interest in me, she had heard a lot about me as I am almost famous at that school. I was f***ed so I made her laugh etc. etc. but I never really get good looking girls just ok ones this is a change.why do you think she likes me? also after meeting her once I'm afraid the novelty of the first meet would wear off when she next sees me. how do I keep her liking me?


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  • 1. She likes your personality or you may just not be giving yourself enough credit in the looks department. Every girl has a different "type" of guy she likes. With some girls, if you can make them laugh, that's it you have them.

    2. Just make her laugh and compliment her. You can't make her keep liking you. If she likes you she likes you. If she doesnt, she doesnt.


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  • If she took interest in you that means she is def. attracted to you. Just be yourself and see what happens. Beauty is just beauty the girl might be beautiful but why shouldnt she have an interest in you, hey ur prob the best looking guy in her eyes :)

  • Keep talking to her and show her your truth self. Never pretend to be someone else. She probably find you attractive because you're probably the type of guys that she likes to date.

  • How do you keep her liking you? Do just what you're doing. Obviously she is attracted to your personality and really seems to like you, so why would you change anything? Just be yourself, you seem to be good at that! Good luck!

  • act yourself and try to get across ur interessted, but not desperate. that's what I've heard, how you do it is another matter. don't be afraid in your case I suppose


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