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I tend to mostly wear high end clothes. I know that lots of people wear Hollister/AE/A&F, but I wear like higher end stuff. I get clothes from brands like Diesel, 7FAM, Revl, Nudie, and other true high end companies. I am not stuck up about it in any way, I don't go bragging about what I wear, its what my parents get me, and what I like. How much I spend on jeans will get out when I ask a friend how he likes a new pair that I got, and he asks how much they were.

to the point. I have also been told I must be gay cause I spend so much on clothes, not by my friends, but by like guys and girls alike that I don't really know. I was wondering if getting and wearing clothes that cost quite a bit would make me seem gay. Or if just wearing them makes me seem stuck up or anything.


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  • They are just hating on you! Some people might assume that you're stuck up but that's their problem. Once they get to know the real you they are gonna feel like an ass that they thought that way about you. If someone is stupid enough not to give you a chance because you're well dressed then they're lame anyway and probably wished they looked that good.

    As for being gay, those come more from mannerisms. Usually attractive girls prefer well dressed guys so that's gonna give you more of an advantage with them (which is good right?). People who think you are gay because you're dressed nice probably aren't used to others who take pride in their appearance.


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  • I think people make way too big a deal over brands. Why pay $200 for a pair of jeans when you can find a pair for $50 that look just as nice? I save the money by not buying the brand and use that extra to get my clothes tailored to fit me. Then, they don't look off the rack and they fit me so well that the brand no longer really matters.

    • How stylish can you make an A&F graphic T with tailoring? Most people don't buy clothing because of the brand but the brand itself is established as pricey because they clothing is well-made, well-tailored and fashionable.

    • First, I don't wear A&F or Hollister. I have worn American Eagle, and some other brands, but I go for style and comfort. And I don't wear graphic tees, either. I've found though that tailoring a nice pair of jeans or slacks and some good shirts still looks better. And no matter what you may say about a brand, price doesn't always mean better quality. The brand is pricey because people buy it, not because A&F makes better clothes.

  • nobody gives a shit at all to be honest

    ! like over here in europe were not about brand names at all its topshop, h&m, urban outfiitters all the way lol

  • No one sensible would ever think that wearing higher end clothing makes you gay or stuck up as the definition of gay and stuck up does not include 'wears more expensive clothing than usual'. that's an idiotic conclusion to arrive at and the people who jump to those conclusions probably have worthless opinions. maybe they're just bitter that your parents are affluent.


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