Piercings? where to get them? what's too much, etc?

I'm thinking of getting some piercings, so I'm going to ask advice first so it doesn't look tacky. How many piercings are too many? where's the ugliest place (seen with clothes on) to get pierced? and what do you think of girls with four ear piercings in each ear?


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  • It really depends on how you pull them off, imo. What might look trashy/slutty on one chick might not on another.

    Personally, I like almost all piercings. I've had quite a few, but only have about 6 now. If you carry yourself well, and dress with some class, I think you can pull off heaps of piercings. Unless you're face looks like a pin board, I think you'll be fine.

    I have my tongue, navel and 2 on each ear done. People rarely see my tongue or navel one though. I love monroes, lip, tragus and even eyebrow on some girls. Even neck and hip looks pretty insane. I'd lovee to get my hip done, actually. Dermal anchors look amazing, but they are pretty invasive.

    You'll find that most guys one here say they don't like piercings at all. Guys I've encountered IRL have never said that, but I'm Australian so maybe the guys are just different in the US.

    • thanks for the advice, I like all piercings too but I was told that most look tacky so just wanted to see if it's true, hah yeah I'm from New zealand so the American tastes are probably different to here too. what's a 'dermal anchor'?

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    • Yeah the dermal anchors actually look pretty awesome :)

    • Yuh huh :) I know a chick that has them on her dimples on her lower back - looks so good.


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  • I only really like a belly button piercing

  • I like multiple ear piercings. If you want to look classy then I would say a tiny nose stud and/or a tiny stud under lip not labret. The ugliest piercings IMO are the eyebrow, nose bridge, anti-eyebrow and the neck.


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  • As long as you don't think it's tacky then there's nothing wrong with it. Just be you and do what you want. As long as your confident about it, there's nothing wrong with it.

    Also, I have 4 piercings in each ear (1 cartilage and three lobe) and people don't blink an eye.

    • thanks c: did your cartilage piercing hurt?

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    • thanks, I might get one done tomorrow :)

    • Best of luck, have a pro do it because people who don't know what they're doing can pinch an artery and give you califlour ear.