What allures you most about the opposite gender (or same)?

What allures you the most about the opposite (or same) gender? Actions, looks, etc.


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  • One word...intelligence.

    If a girl can hold an intelligent conversation with me. She will really get my attention then.

    • i definitely completely agree. If a conversation can't be held the rest is just so pointless. You won't even be able to go on a date with the woman for lack of conversation.

    • Thanks for the BA. : D

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  • i like it when there's girls so shy they blush up when they see you, its cute and makes me want to see who they are. and for like a girl who guys consider like a hotty, there nice to look at but when I dated one." yeah she was so hot" she was so boring at times. like we would go out but she sometimes complained about every small thing. so I don't care as long I can breath around them.

    • You just like a woman you can be yourself around and have an actual relationship... Or am I completely off?

    • there has to be a good level of communication. I don't like that girls leave high school and still want to act like there back in school. I say that looks are great, but some girls kill it with there personality. and I've seen girls with and guys, and guys with girls with those who you think would never get the chance with a certain person. do well cause they dig them. I'm starting to follow there perspective.

  • I love girls who are quiet, the ones that most guys look over are the ones I usually end up crushing on. Like there is this one girl in college who always sits by herself in the common room with her earphones in and studying, she was in a few of my classes and she's just the most beautiful thing I ever did see haha. I've actually never even heard her speak but she is one of those types who dresses properly and doesn't wear any makeup, I always end up attracted to those types of girls, the ones who just don't try hard to get guy's attention, it's just awesome lol

    • That's sweet! Why don't you go talk to her?

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    • I agree there. Some just go by their own beat though and that's why they are the way they are.

    • yeah I get your point too, there is eccentric people around ha ha :)

  • the mental connection of the girl being "my type". if that makes sense. Nothing attracts me more than a girl that looks like me, has the same sense of humor, shares similiar beliefs, etc.

    basically my other half

    • I completely understand what you mean! Someone you don't have to pretend with at all. That just accepts you and understands you.

  • Smarts, eyes, looks, and much much more, but mainly smarts.

    If you're smart enough to hold up your end of a conversation, and you aren't afraid of learning new things, then you're totally in with me.

    If she's into gaming every once in a while, then that's even better. lol

  • Beginning: looks

    Later: looks...and a little bit of actions

    Don't call me shallow, at this age am not looking for a wife.

    • I'm not here to judge or call names, I'm really curious. You're young; just live!

    • LOL, God love you for your honesty, it's refreshing. We all go through that stage at some point (somtimes several times) even if we don't want to admit it. :)

  • Nice butt, being funny, being cute(no I don't know how to describe it in a specific way), and not being bitchy. I have the potential to like a lot more girls than I would dislike.

    • No one can really explain cute, haha. You're open to females, that's not necessarily a bad thing!

    • I know. I like it it that way. :) The problem is who's open to a fat guy and I kinda feel that's unfair to most girls. lol

  • You probably don't want to hear my unexperienced testosterone raging opnion but its a girls face and how she looks in her clothes. how she dresses is make or break for me.

    • I want to hear EVERYONE'S opinion :) So thank you! What's the way you want her to dress?

    • doesn't matter what style she has or anything it just better look good and match her personality I guess

  • her face and legs (but mostly her face) if I don't know her. Afterwards, if she is one of those kind and shy girls, I would get lured very well. Sometimes though a girl with a fighter attitude and sense of humor will lure me as well, you know what I am saying? Those girls that know what they want and don't get down when somethig gets in their way.

    • I know exactly what you mean! It seems like guys are rather interested in the shy girl. Is it because she has more mystery to her? I'm definitely the second kind you mentioned.

  • im not gay but I'm not really into girls theyre just irritating to even think of, maybe if they said hi every once in a while and not f*** dudes because they have tattoos, maybe if you could express your love to a girl with out her thinking your a scyco, or maybe if I didn't have so many cuts in my wrist with girls initials who never gave me a chance, they're just bad news all around

    • :( I'm really sorry to hear this! I think maybe you just haven't met the right girl yet!

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  • That aspect of strength - can't explain it - just that entity of maleness that guys radiate.

    Actions would be when a guy is really gentle, like handling small children / animals, and when he's being aggressive, like sports / fighting / arguing.

    Dunno why I love those opposite extremes so much :P It's like guys are so strong, and those aspects remind me so much of that.