I lost my good looks. It's so depressing.

I used to be good looking 3 years ago when I was 19 years old, I think that was my peak in terms of looks. now, I have gained some weight and it's increasingly harder to get toned, It's easy to lose weight as in decreasing the number on the scale, but my body figure doesn't look as attractive as it used to. Do women/girls generally start getting uglier from 22 years old?

I am getting TONS of stress from college and my mother as well- does stress really impact your appearance?

I can't believe I took my good looks for granted 3 years ago and was never contented with the way I looked. now I realize I was actually attractive then and how people treat me differently now. It seems like people are less intimidated of me in general and people aren't as patient with me.

I haven't even had a relationship, yet! I can't start getting ugly now :(

interesting how all the guys are answering...i thought more girls would be interested in this


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  • This question provides a nice moral to the story of life for all good looking people everywhere. To respond to you though, I'm willing to bet my GAG account that you're over reacting. I'm sure you aren't as ugly as you feel. Just keep it up with the weight loss, and make sure you take to heart what you've learned about how fleeting looks can be

    • well, I didn't know my prime would end as soon as I hit 21...

    • You forgot to add "in my opinion" to the end of that comment =) since I haven't seen what you look like, only you are the judge of if you really are at your peak

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  • I haven't hit my good looks peak yet. I'm waiting for it to happen...if it ever happens. :\ I'm sure you're probably overreacting and may even be depressed for some reason and that's probably making you see yourself as less attractive.

    • yes, I am depressed...very.

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    • Me too. And I'm over twice your age :D

    • I think you should really go see that psychologist. Major depression can be dangerous, well I think so. I think that may be why you think you look so bad. I also think you're over playing your unattractiveness. I'm sure you look fine. :)

  • I would have to see a picture, but yes, it is stress.

    At 42, this complaint would make sense. But at 22? Unless you somehow abused your body, you still have years of youth left!

    • well, I did abuse laxatives for half a year and starved myself for some time, and then I gained all the weight back. I do a lot of yo yo dieting...

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    • glandualr problems?

      well, that sounds quite serious...

      well, it seems like I have to reduce even more calories to lose weight, wheras when I was 19, it was a piece of cake. the more I lose, the less calories I must take in to maintain it...that's the sh*tty part

    • Weight training also can help. Building up muscle mass causes your metabolism to use up calories that much more. No, you won't look like a "steroid queen" unless you actually do those.

  • This seems to be the case for a lot of women, it's a natural part of life. I know a lot of the girls around me are already freaking about stress making them fat and this is causing them to stress out even more and it becomes a never ending cycle.

  • If you don't want to show a face pic, it's OK. But at least show us a body pic so we can see and let you know if you're overreacting or if it's true.

    Pretty please?

  • it's the stress. stress increases cortisol and decreases metabolism/increasing hunger.

    stay confident and live a more happy lifestyle. :P


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