Are models, misleading/false advertisement?

You hear people talking about how gorgeous models how and how they make EVERYTHING look good, but that's THEM. How is that not misleading/false advertisement?


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  • Nothing you see on TV is advertised as the real thing.

    You know how many times I see a perfectly average woman or unattractive woman get dolled up and she looks nothing like herself.

    These celebrity hairstylist and make up artists get paid big bucks to transform someone.

    You have to understand that these women are also getting touched up in their photos.


    In reality a slim woman does look good her clothes. She does not have to worry about a bulge here or there, or some fat squeezing out of the side, she can wear pretty much any thing! Some women (in cluding myself) actually do have that model body type.

    • Out of curiosity, how many men approach you?/any boyfriends?

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  • Idk, I wouldn't think so because the products they're advertising never really imply you'll look like them if you use it. And if you believe you'll look like them after using said product you're a dumbass.

    Something that is misleading though is that some ad companies use a lot of software to enhance the models in the ads, so they rarely look that good in person.

  • It is not... it is how it looks on the models. That is their body. People are *supposed* to use common sense. For example, skinny jeans look better on a slim person than an obese person. It is just the way it is...

  • This question reminded me of this: link

    ^ That, to me, seems like false advertising. It's not a real ad, but there are tons of ads that do the same thing.

  • why is that false advertisement? models aren't beautiful, not the high end run way models. they're not even pretty. they're merely a rack for the clothes. the clothes themselves speak, not the models

    • I hear people all the time saying "models are gorgeous". Don't say you don't hear it

    • They wouldn't be models, if they weren't beautiful/gorgeous. Typically, to be a model you have to be beautiful/gorgeous

  • Well they are advertising and we all know advertisements exaggerate


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