Could I be too pretty to date?

Everyone I know is always telling me I'm so pretty, but NO ONE ever asks me out. For example, every gay boy I know is always telling me I'm so beautiful, but straight guys never approach me. I get stared at a lot or groped in clubs, but no one ever sincerely asks me out and I'm so lonely. = (

Is it possible that people are intimidated or are these guys just being nice? I thought pretty girls were supposed to get asked out all the time?

Okay I would approach guys, but I'm extremely shy and afraid of rejection. When I was really young and awkward guys always rejected me/made fun of now I have this real fear of guys disliking me in general and I don't know how to move past it.


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  • If a girl is gorgeous, there is a good chance guys are intimidated by you. I think a lot of it has to do with your demeanor. Considering you know you're gorgeous a guy might think you come across as snobby- even if you don't.

    And surprisingly, guys tend to stay away from the gorgeous ones when they are younger because they are afraid of rejection


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  • It could be because these guys assume you are already taken.

  • That's a tough problem. Especially if you are shy as well.

    As sunmonster said it's the worst when you're young bcoz everybody is so self-conscious.

    No dude wants to get his ego crushed by a 10, that's a fact. Unless he is so full of himself, then he is probably an a*hole.

    In your circumstance, I would say waiting for a guy to approach you is guaranteed to attract only the a*holes like flies.

    If there exists a particular (single) guy on your mind, you probably have to be a little more ballsy than the 'average' girl and just engineer a meet. Or else it will never happen.

    I think a stunning girl can get away with approaching a guy where other girls might come off as 'desperate'. As long as it's not a habit. I could be wrong though.

  • Just show guys you like them by being extra friendly towards them, and they'll ask you out.

  • Its possible. They probably think your taken..

  • yes there is such a thing as too good looking

  • Yes...that happens ALL the time...the class two years ahead of me...three of the hottest females in that class never married..that would make them 56 is sad...

  • ok..but are you friends with males?


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  • You might look unfriendly or stuck up. I have the same problem of people telling me I'm pretty but it seems like anything rarely pans out for me. I recently found out that I don't smile much and I wasn't aware of that which can be intimidating to guys when trying to approach you. Just look as friendly as possible and be willing to start conversations. Don't always wait for the guy to approach you. If you see someone you really like, go for it! Any guy would be thrilled to get hit on by a hot girl

    • Updated: OK OP, I think you and I might be the same person!

      Honestly, you just have to go for it. The first time I approached a guy I was really awkward and embarassed and shy, but we exchanged numbers and actually ended up dating for a little while. I've approached or initiated conversations with plenty of guys and none has ever rejected me or said it was a turnoff for a pretty girl to approach them.

  • guys never ask me out either but I could careless its their loss. if you find a guy you like approach them and make it easier. just start up a convo and go from there. I decided to do this and I got 6 numbers in one night :) try smiling more and being/look friendly. don't look mean or stuck up. most guys are intimidating by girls so don't worry your not alone. good luck

    • @update. you are scared but so are they! now you know how they feel and why they don't approach. they are scared of rejection and that a girl won't like them. if you don't at least try than you will be missing out on some great guys

  • I have the same problem. Making it shy makes it harder too. Good looking+shy=intimidating. Guys either assume you are taken or they think you are too good for them.