Style tips for a 19 year old university student..

Hey people I'm in uni and all I see are hoodies, hoodies and more hoodies.

There is no like style here just people wearing all the same stuff...

I would like advice on how I can look more stylish, or attractive to the opposite gender.

I'm usually stuck wearing either a hoodie like everyone else or t-shirts or either, black, blue, navy, or grey with dark or light jeans. By the way I am blonde.


Does anyone have any top 5 or top 10 simple tips to dressing better and more maturely.


Note- I don't like these deep V-necks or this preppy style, bit odd in my opinion.

Hey people.

After listening to everyones ideas and what-not I've decided to invest in jumpers/sweatshirts and the likes.

They seem to tick every box and add style :)

Thanks to all that helped.


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  • Sweaters are definitely a great substitute for hoodies.

    If you find a certain style of sweater you like, invest in different colors. I do it all the time no one notices haha.

    Look for shorter v-necks since you don't like deep v-necks. Or crew necks look really nice too.

    Try colors that you feel best suit your skin tone.

    If you have female friends ask them to help you.

    Go to the mall or where ever you shop and ask a sales associate to help you. So like try things on that you think look nice together and get opinions:)

    I hope this helps:)

    Oh and if you are shy about asking for help just look online.

    I love and Tumblr( type in menswear if you aren't familiar with the site)


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  • I like just well styled hair, frames the face, piercings on the eyebrow would be nice.

  • Dark wash jeans, fitted, but not tight.

    Polos in various complimentary colors.

    Argyle or cable knit sweaters.

  • Lips piercing are nice, snake bites are too.

    Guys who dress with that edge looks real nice.

    They make their own look and pull it off.

  • I totally understand. Hoodies are great around the house or if going friends or family house to watch movie. What you need is nice leather jacket with pair of skinny jeans. Start wear more color and have lots of fun making your own personal outfit.

  • Just don't shop at old navy (UGH) and start trying something more like Top men !

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  • I remember everyone in college wearing hoodies cause they were lazy about their laundry, but that was just my experience. A few things to always keep in mind when you want to look good:

    1. Belt and Shoes need to match.

    2. Keep a clean looking cut: hair, beards, mustaches, etc.

    3. Color is always appreciated.

    4. You can wear too many layers.

    5. Hang your pants/jeans/slacks up. (the wrinkled look is liked by some but outside of uni it won't get you far)

    6. Wear a watch.

    If you are looking more for style advice then think about how you would like people to assume who you are first. A rocker who dresses like a prep is a prep.

  • Easy way:

    1) Look at what kind of girls attract you, that you would want to attract in return;

    2) See what they wear;

    3) "Masculinize" the outfits

    Method that takes a bit more work:

    1) Look at what kind of girls/GUY attracts you / stands out;

    2) See what they wear, and ask yourself 'what does this say about the other person?

    3) Write that sh*t doown

    4) Ask yourself 'how do I want to be perceived?' and 'who the hell am I anyway?'

    5) Piece together an outfit from your notes

    Third method:

    1) Ask people that you find attractive to shop with you OR for honest feedback in the shop..

    Some more tips:

    I appreciate you wanting to be original and unique, but don't overdo it ;) Balance the pieces that say 'look at me!' with pieces that are less conspicuous.

    Coordinate your clothing color with your skin color ( link link

    And, as always: always be on the lookout.. Breathe inspiration. Whenever you see something you like, make a note (I use my cellphone to make notes when I'm inspired by something (and yes, that includes awesome clothing))..

    Some nice sites:



    Good luck.. :)


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      Click on it, then remove the comma at the very end of the url and it'll work

  • dark jeans and dress shirts work for me. I usually roll up the sleeves and call it good. Just remember that its not what you wear it is how you wear it

  • Its funny because clothes are important so important in attracting a female its rediculous...when I wear something plain...nothing. If I'm rocking a collard shirt, a nice dark pair of jeans and a pair of boots I get some glances. I feel like a well rounded style is more important then only your clothes. Just the way you are should reflect upon your clothes, you shouldn't force it at all. One place called pole and bear has some real fashionable stuff for guys. I like that place but I feel as if you walk with confidence, have a bit of style you can go a lot further then just simply buying clothes ya know?

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    • If you posted yesterday I would have best answered this most likely.

      I like this style as it's relaxed and looks comfortable. But it's not like sloppy. Has class as well as practicallity.

    • thanks, that's pretty much how I dress and I find it fits well in pretty much all settings

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