Am I not attractive for anyone?

Ok I have a pretty awesome body (not bragging or conceded) I am cute (who doesn't think that) my hair stops at my neck but the problem is my personality when I am around boys or a boy I like I come off as mean not only do other people see it but I do to but that's not what I want to happen but I have never had a real boyfriend and I don't know how to talk to guys I don't know why and I don't know how to stop it any advice anybody


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  • I don't think it isn't because your not attractive

    first comes looks, looks attract the guy and personality keeps him, why don't you try working on your personality? try being nice , try talking to them first. And if you say something rude, apologize or say it was a joke


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  • The "meaness" is defensive on your part. It's an avoidance mechanism. When you talk with guys, you should focus on things they like or are into -- guys appreciate that, probably moreso than girls. When it comes to having more guys in your life, you have to make yourself approachable -- smile at them; make eye contact; say hello; etc. Then you should talk to them about some mutual topic of interest -- school, sports, music or as I said ask them about things you know they are into.

  • Change your personality if you think you're mean.

    • thats the problem I don't know how I am bipolor and its hard for me to talk to people but I don't want to be the way I am

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    • thanks that helped alot

    • you can't change who you are!

  • i think you also have ODD since they say not to use all capitals

    • i didn't ack you I don't know what that means and if you have nothing nice to say don't talk or write to me

    • (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) I was being serious since you said you had Bipolor

    • Oppositional Defiant Disorder...QA...maybe we would make a good couple? a litle old for you tho...):

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  • I understand what you mean! Have people around you been hurt by guys or something? Or have you been going to feminist groups or something? lol j/k Just try to slowly ease up towards them...a lot of them can be nice I promise! Give them a chance! =)

  • Just let your guard down and be more confident about you as a person.