Is there such a thing as chemistry?

You know what I mean. Between a guy and a girl. It defies logic, it doesn't make any sense, but---but maybe some guys and girls just have their name on each other. You know what I mean?


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  • Actually there is Chemistry... Literally. I had to read this article for one of my English classes and it was about the chemistry of love.

    The Original Reason Of Why Relationships Started

    To summarize the article, the idea of romance/ love was originally brought on, because back about 4 million years ago there was a need for males and females to have relationships, so that children could be raised. For Example: It wouldn't quite work out well, if a man planted his seed back then and then just left, because the point of it back then was to reproduce, and he was smart enough to know that his offspring would have less of a chance of survival unless he was there to help protect it and find food. I mean imagine what it would have been like for a single mom back then.. running around with a weight strapped to you trying to find food and shelter and keep from being eaten by wild animals and what not. Anyway, once we figured out that it was a necessity to be in a relationship (for childbearing purposes). Our natural instincts start to lead us to be selective. We want our children to have strong genes. So you unintentionally are trying to find a mate that has something that you feel is worth passing on to your children. For Example : This is pretty easy.. Lets say that a woman really feels that money is important. She will be more likely drawn to a mate that would be able to provide that. This idea works with men too, but there is a slight difference, and that is that men are naturally drawn to younger women by nature. I'd like to note that this in no way should be used as an excuse to be a perv. ; but by nature men are typically looking for a women in their childbearing years. I mean that's the original point of a relationship after all. ( There is a whole lot more info in the actual article, that kind of explains divorce rates and infidelity... if your into learning about that part read it... I'll put a link at the bottom.)

    The Chemical Part of this

    Your body actually releases chemicals when you find someone that you like. You know that feeling that you get that is so amazing, that oh my god this is it, this guy/ girl is amazing blah blah blah stuff. You feel like that because your body is releasing chemicals that are cousins to amphetamines that basically get you high. (There are people that are actually addicted to that high and go from relationship to relationship unintentionally so they can get it.) These amphetamines don't last forever though. You eventually need more an more to get that "I'm in love" feeling and your body can't produce enough. In the contrary, there is another chemical that your body gives you. It is like a natural pain killer. It starts getting produced when your in a relationship for a while. You start to get doses of this pain killer everyday you are with your honey and when they leave, it goes bye bye, and you feel like crap. Anyway, for more info/detail: link

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      Oops the link is for the 3rd page of the article... but you can go to the first from the bottom of the page... Sorry!

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      Thanks for the link I was just reading a bit and I am going to read more later

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      No problem! I hope you enjoy it.