How do I make eye contact without it being too awkward or weird?

There's this guy in my class who I've never talked to before, but kind of interested in. We've made eye contacts a couple times before, but how can I make more eye contacts with him without it being too obvious or awkward? I can't keep staring at him until he looks at me, right, because that's kind of creepy x)


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  • Try disguising how you look at him by looking at posters on the wall behind him or a friend that sits next to him. He might look your way during class. If your eyes meet smile slightly and then look away but not hurriedly.

    Also don't stare like you said, it is really creepy and he might thinkyou are acting like a stalker.


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  • I know how you feel. You know that feeling when you look at someone and your making eye contact? It's like butterflies. We'll you want that feeling. otherwise they're not really looking "at" you. When I want to make eye contact with a guy, I'll look at him and make eye contact. but I'll also be the first to look away. then I'll look around more and then come back to him. its a cycle! have fun with it!

  • just do that "slight glance over thing" where you're pretending to look around the room or something. At one point or another your eyes will meet and then smile. If you smile it'll avoid that weird awkwardness thing.