Need some tattoo ideas!

I've been wanting a tattoo since I was like 16 years old.. I'm about 19.5 now. Nothing ever struck me though until I went to Army BCT a few months ago, just got home last week from AIT. I want to incorporate "Never Quit" into a tattoo somewhere on my upper arm or back shoulder area. I don't want just words and I don't want anything too big (too big being like all the way across my shoulder blades). But at the same time I want it big enough though to stand out if I'm shirtless, or sleeveless if its on my arm. I'm open to any and all ideas.. all I ask is nothing patriotic. Oh and I have pretty pale skin if that makes a difference haha.


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  • no offence, but I feel like a tattoo is something you need to come up with for yourself so that it has meaning to you. I don't really get it when people just tattoo random stuff on their body

    • I am 100% fully aware of that.. I'm just trying to brainstorm different ideas

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  • Many American Indians have or had had a totem animal. If you have one, so you can use this.