Sports bras and bikini's?

ladies how often do you like to show off your flat sexy stomach in sports bras or bikini's?


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  • I wear sport bras to the gym and bikinis to the beach.


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  • Soy Activa, so, I wear sports bras daily...

    I own monokinis...I HIGHLY dislike bikinis.

    Btw, Q.A you sound like a weight loss comercial or those diet pill suppliment comercials...with your details.

    "Ladies loose weight with lipozene and get that sexy flat stomach you have always needed."

    • thats good for you, why do you hate wearing bikini's, and how do I sound like a weight loss commercial? lol

    • Monokinis are wayy hotter link

      Bikinis are hideous. just do sound like a weight loss commercial.

    • they look nice but I prefer bikini's I like when show off thier stomachs

  • I wear sports bra to the gym, bikinis to the beach/pool/, & certain costumes I wear requires me to show my sexy stomach. except this year, I'm dressing up as a playboy bunny for Halloween so my stomach won't b showing =( LOL

    • sounds like my type of girl? I love girls who like to show off thier stomachs

    • sounds like my type of girl, I wish I can see what you look like!

  • I wear sport bras to the gym , that's about it really :/ I don't really like showing off my ta tas in public that much since I'm rather small on top lol

    • sports bra's to gym is a plus in my book and as far your ta ta's concern it wouldn't bother me at all if you wear a smaller cup size

    • yea I like women in sports bra's because I think they look sexy despite the fact that they are sweaty

  • I don't get a a lot of chances but I do like to. I won't go out of my way to show off my stomach but I'm not shy about it.

    • you shouldn't be guys like girl who is confident in showing off her body

  • My stomach isn't completely flat TO BE HONEST

    Like, my legs are muscular/toned and strong(I run alot, but it's also genetic) and my upper body I need to work out cause I'm weak as hell up top and my's not fat or chubby but it's not...I guess, toned is what I mean.

    It's like average/curvy


    Which I like.

  • My stomach's flat, but it's not sexy. I hate showing it off. I refuse to go to a public pool, and at the Wisconsin Dells, or at a lake, it takes me forever to unwrap my towel and get in the water.

    • thats a shame, you shouldn't be afraid to show it off (whether sexy or not) its all about confidence

  • only when at the pool/beach-which is quite rare,i hate swimming

    • lol, at least you look good swimming

  • I used to do it all the time but I can't anymore.

    • how come?

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    • I know it isn't impossible but it just takes a long time and sometimes you get annoyed that it isn't getting smaller but I have noticed that I am losing inches around my waist.

    • good just keep it up and you will almost reach your goal

  • rarely. I don't have a flat tummy

    • it doesn't matter just as long you look good in a two piece suit!

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