Silver chain and pendant?

I'll give you an insight on my style. If I'm going to a pretty casual club, I wear fresh air max shoes or white Kswiss classics with designer jeans, and a graphic tee. If I'm going out to a real nice club in long island, staten island, new york, I wear button downs, designer jeans, and dress shoes. I always wear a rosary that matches what I'm wearing. Dark shirt, silver rosary...white shirt, black rosary, etc. I stay fresh, I tan, ha ha that's my style.

So I just bought a new chain and cross pendant. It's platinum silver, 30 inches long, and the pendant is a platinum cross, it's pretty big. I plan on wearing it with some graphic tees to the club, and just around. What do you think?


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  • Personally I don't like the chain and pendant look on guys, especially if it's something religious.

  • Sounds nice and I think most girls would agree. As for myself I don't Ike jewelry on guys but that's just me.


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