Do women act like they care so that they may look good in front of their friends?

A long time ago I was seeing a girl that ditched me on my birthday to have sex with another guy. I told her to hit the road and only talked to her for a little while there when we just happened to be in the same place.

Later on that year my grandfather died. She heard about it from one of my other friends and decided to make my cupcakes. After that never talked to me again for 9 months. Then out of no where a month before my birthday this year she texted me asking me when my birthday was. My birthday passed and have heard nothing.

What are her motives? I don't understand why someone would do these things after what they did. Why act like you care when she doesn't? I don't get it.


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  • She's either trying to mess with your head, take on the appearance of a nice person, or her conscience is occasionally bothering her and she's trying to ease it by doing little surface acts of kindness so she can tell herself 'I made him cupcakes, HE'S the jerk, not me'. Stupid as it sounds, messed up minds think that way.

    Don't let her get to you. She's no longer a part of your life, and if she thinks cupcakes will fix what she did to you, then she has a pretty darn warped view of right and wrong.


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  • She's obviously playing with your feeling. Next time she trys to get in contact with you, you should tell her to leave you alone and not get in contact with you again. You really don't need someone like her in your life, they end up draining you and leaving you feel hurt and confused. I can't stand when women who act like that because they make it bad for the rest of us.


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  • She's just feeling guilty. You did the right thing in ignoring her. Such a girl will do the same thing again in a flash

  • She's a nasty piece of rubbish! Ignore her, delete her number, delete her from Facebook, everything associated with her! You need to wipe her away from your head and move on! Say good riddance to bad rubbish.