How do women like guys to dress?

well in a nutshell that's the question. I'm re-doing my wardrobe and throwing out most of my over sized shirts and stuff. I love to wear t-shirts, but with my height I've been forced to often buy Ts that are too big for my width. I'm tryin to move towards something similar to pics on this website: link

im almost 24yrs old and need to change from nikes, baggy pants, ball cap, and t shirts. I hate the prep look though...docker shorts with ralph lauren. ugh, gross everyone dresses like that where I'm from and you just blend in, not my style. so what style attracts you most to men?


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  • Those links are good ... don't overdo the lumberjack look, though. I know lots of guys who are in the 6'2-6'7 range and their shirts aren't too baggy. I know exactly what you mean, though -- why work on that bod and then cover it up with a sack! Unfortunately, I have no idea where those guys shop, though. Also, a nice pair of shoes with a button up is a must ... I had a guy tell me that only douchey wannabes wear sneakers with a dress shirt. I don't get why he understands this, but it seems to be true.

    • lmao @ why work on that bod and then cover it up with a sack!

    • haha, yeah I did too. if we could all be naked, it would make for a much easier lifestyle...this is what I can offer. if your not interested, totally cool. just keep walking lol

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  • nice trim jeans(not baggy) and the type of shirts you have in your link are perfect.

    • so your telling me there's a chance? I read ya (dumb&dumber)

    • of course ;)

  • link for the average guy... Plaids are nice but they are way overdone, 1 or 2 plaid shirts and you're good there if you decide to get any.

    But really, it's just like girls. Dress according to what makes you look good.

    • yeah I gotcha, I pretty much just put the page down to show some different looks. thanks

  • If you need a style icon, please turn to Kanye West. His style is kinda preppy but urban at the same time, so give it a shot!

    • thank you much. I do like kanye's fashion sense, maybe I should hire his fashion consultant lol...

    • kinda preppy but urban. Not sure if that's a bad thing or a good one

    • I wish all guys could hire his fashion consultant! The world would be a much hotter place.

      And of course that's a good thing, Paullus!

  • I like plaid shirts

  • Yes to the link! Omg by the way guys I feel so bad for you! You have to look good without looking like you're gay and that must suck. Just sayinggggg... oh the female species thanks you for not trying to make baggy tee shirts that go down to your knees fashionably acceptable.

    • haha, that line gets smaller and smaller every minute in today's society...

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  • definitely kanye but not his furs or leather pants