How do women like guys to dress?

well in a nutshell that's the question. I'm re-doing my wardrobe and throwing out most of my over sized shirts and stuff. I love to wear t-shirts, but with my height I've been forced to often buy Ts that are too big for my width. I'm tryin to move towards something similar to pics on this website:... Show More

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  • Those links are good ... don't overdo the lumberjack look, though. I know lots of guys who are in the 6'2-6'7 range and their shirts aren't too baggy. I know exactly what you mean, though -- why work on that bod and then cover it up with a sack! Unfortunately, I have no idea where those guys shop, though. Also, a nice pair of shoes with a button up is a must ... I had a guy tell me that only douchey wannabes wear sneakers with a dress shirt. I don't get why he understands this, but it seems to be true.

    • lmao @ why work on that bod and then cover it up with a sack!

    • haha, yeah I did too. if we could all be naked, it would make for a much easier lifestyle...this is what I can offer. if your not interested, totally cool. just keep walking lol