Why won't he look me in the eye?

When I talk to him he will not even look me in the face. He stands to the side. Won't even stand in front of me and won't look straight at me. Why?


Most Helpful Girl

  • A lot of guys have a problem with eye contact. For this reason, having important conversations tends to be easier while driving for them. That way there's something else to concentrate on, while concentrating on the conversation. They don't have to look you straight on that way, which could explain why he's standing to the side when talking to you.

    In my past relationships, guys have preferred having conversations while driving, or sitting on the couch with the tv on. No major eye contact needed, which can be frustrating, but it's the way they've functioned.

    It would be nice if talking to guys was as easy as talking to girls. Face on, eye contact, etc., etc., but for some stupid reason, they'd prefer to be focused on something unimportant while having an important conversation.