How can I make myself over?

I want to go back to school after a break as a completely new person. I want to be unrecognizable. Without plastic surgery or spending more than $150. How can I do it?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Play with makeup. Try different colors, styles and see what suits you best. If you already wear makeup try cut it down to a minimum. Buy some new clothes that express your individuality and wear those. Try add feminine qualities to yourself, like wearing a dress of nice skirt. Colours too. If you want to look sexy and bold, wear red on one day. If you want to look vulnerable and cute, wear a peachy pink. Wear colors that suit your skin tone and clothes that accentuate your nice features.

    Style your hair too. If its straight, try a waves, or curls. Vice versa. Start smiling more and looking at things from a positive perspective and you're good to go!

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      Woah! Thanks! :) first ba.

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      Welcome :)