Coming back to school looking hot?

guys: would it really bug you if your ex came back to school/work after a break looking extremely hott? how would you react to that?


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  • So long as it's not slutty hotness. After my ex dumped me I got a whole new wardrobe and a new haircut and lost weight. It drove him nuts and he wanted me really bad after seeing me again. I also know I friend who got a new look 6 months after a break up and her ex started asking her out again and calling her his soul mate.

    • Wow that kinda shows how shallow guys are

    • Yeah, it's amazing. So many guys I know will say they don't care at all about what you wear or your haircut but as soon as you walk by looking hot with your new look they can't get over it. It's so easy to make guys tick, and they don't even know what hit them :)

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  • It probably would because they aren't enjoying her current hotness now that they broke up.

  • not really