Late bloomer question?

I was always pretty average looking and I even thought below average at one point. Now that I'm older I've noticed I look a lot more attractive and I see lots of girls checking me out and trying to get my attention.

The thing is I know they want me to go talk to them but I have no idea what to say to a random girl.


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  • Walk up to them and say "Hey, how's it going?" or start the conversation off by giving them a compliment. "Your hair looks very nice." or you can even say "You look so familiar." (even though that may not be true, it will grab their attention. "You know look just like this girl I used to work with a while back, very attractive like yourself." <will get them smiling.


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  • You could always use my friend's line, it's meant to be a joke but the idea is to get her to laugh, right? "I noticed you noticing me." xD As long as she knows its a joke, it doesn't sound pompous.

  • If I see a hot guy walking by who sees me looking and is avalible, I don't care what he talks to me about, if he comes and says hey he gets brownie points in my book :-) don't think about it too much just go up to her and say hey what's up, start talking to her... :-)


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