Wearing a speedo in the pool?

ok, so I'm really into swimming and I swim at least 2-3 times a week. I usually wear a speedo as I find them the most comfortable for swimming in. Recently though I noticed that a lot of people seem to be against them, saying that they look really bad. Do most people think this? I asked a friend about it recently and she couldn't believe that I wear a speedo at the pool, Do they really look that bad? Is it offensive to some people? ( If it has any relevance, I have an athletic build and exercise a lot.)


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  • You know what? Don't even worry about it. I swim at the university pool 6 times a week and I see guys wearing speedos all the time. If you exercise a lot and you're in good shape, you probably look good in a speedo so I don't see why you should avoid them. I have to admit I was a bit weirded out the first time I saw my boyfriend in a speedo (he's as good a swimmer as I am, if not better, and he's got a really fit body). Now I actually like seeing him wear one because it shows off his great body :) I don't think I would like to see guys in speedos at the beach though, but at the pool it is perfectly fine (if the speedo suits you, of course).

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  • I think speedos are fine. My boyfriend wears one to the pool all the time. He has nice legs and there is nothing wrong in not hiding it. Besides, they must be much more comfy than board shorts

  • I've been swimming competitivley since I was 11 (now I'm 15) so I'm used to seeing guys in speedos. I say if you like them, wear them. If people have a problem with them then that's their problem.

  • Well, the people who make fun of it aren't swimmers. They're just not used to it and don't understand the purpose, so there's no reason to worry about that. I was on swim team and I'm a lifeguard so I think it's normal and practical for guys to wear a speedo. All of my coworkers and other swimmers I know think the same. Trust me, no one at the pool will care. And no, you don't have to be an Olympic swimmer to wear one. I think you should stick with your speedo, but if you're really self conscious about it you could go with jammers. Board shorts are terrible for swimming in, and I think they look kind of silly for lap swim.

  • it's whatever. same thing as whatever other people are wearing

  • i don't fin it offensive. t ask why but I find them funny, I find guys so much sexier in shorts, idlnt talk to a guy with a straight face if he were in speedos ( just an honest opinion)

  • Whatever you're most comfortable in...but maybe people say that because it's easier for people to make eye contact with you when you're more covered (shorts) and have less of your groin area exposed...lol

  • If you're not an olympic swimmer you shouldn't be wearing a speedo

  • Unless your from italy & you can't help yourself because you grew up wearing speedos like some kid I know, don't do it! haha

  • Nooo

  • In your case I think it is fine to wear one since you working out. But I don't like seeing it on someone just sunbathing or walking around. It is just to much info.

  • Most people are dumb and will make fun of you. However they are a small part, as Long as your confident in it. It should be np! : )

    • But you were bron there. ; )

    • I don't live in Chicago anymore.

    • : ) lol NY'ers don't care! Do what you want! : ) and The same goes for Chicago there cool people! : )

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  • If you're hot flaunt it. Although I will tell you, that my friend was a swimmer in high school and we did make fun of him for his speedo. It was tiger striped; I'm laughing now thinking about it.When in doubt go with the good old fashioned board shorts, speedos can make some girls a little uncomfortable.

    • Right... il bear that in mind, thanks a mil for the help :-)

    • Your d***. It's like flashing a sign saying look here. With board shorts that doesn't really happen.

    • Ok, I get that it isn't that common to see someone wearing, but what does it draw attention to?

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  • Just wear board shorts. Its better :)

  • I play waterpolo and you won't find a single man out there worth his salt wearing anything more than a Speedo. Speedos in my opinion are very comfortable cause it gives me a wider range of motion with my legs. When I was swimming competitively I also wore a Speedo.In all honesty it's more about whether you feel good in either Speedos or jammers(thighlong version of Speedo). And also if you feel you'll move faster in either or.

  • its fine while doin sports but if you are tryin to get a girl, just wear shorts over them

  • I swim for training as well, though not as much lately. I went to longer leg triathlon type shorts. I cannot stand swimming 3000m in board shorts. I wear a towel wrapped around my waist and drop it right before jumping in the pool and cover up up as soon as I get out. As for the beach, surfing, general hanging around, guys need to stay with board shorts.

  • I am a swimmer and stopped with the Speedos some time ago. I don't know why, but I guess they just fell out of style for me. I also don't see many wearing them at the pool anymore.