Wearing a speedo in the pool?

ok, so I'm really into swimming and I swim at least 2-3 times a week. I usually wear a speedo as I find them the most comfortable for swimming in. Recently though I noticed that a lot of people seem to be against them, saying that they look really bad. Do most people think this? I asked a friend about it recently and she couldn't believe that I wear a speedo at the pool, Do they really look that bad? Is it offensive to some people?

( If it has any relevance, I have an athletic build and exercise a lot.)


Most Helpful Girl

  • You know what? Don't even worry about it. I swim at the university pool 6 times a week and I see guys wearing speedos all the time. If you exercise a lot and you're in good shape, you probably look good in a speedo so I don't see why you should avoid them. I have to admit I was a bit weirded out the first time I saw my boyfriend in a speedo (he's as good a swimmer as I am, if not better, and he's got a really fit body). Now I actually like seeing him wear one because it shows off his great body :) I don't think I would like to see guys in speedos at the beach though, but at the pool it is perfectly fine (if the speedo suits you, of course).