Tattoo of my boyfriend's name?

Where can I get a tattoo of my boyfriend's name? he wants mine on his back, but I don't know where to put his. any ideas? 10 points (: I'm 16.

we've been together for almost 3 years. lol


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  • If you really want his name tattooed on you, wait until you're married (but even that doesn't guarantee that you'll be together forever).

    Even if you've been together for almost 3 years, it's incredibly naive to think that you're going to be together forever. Most teen relationships don't last, and 3 years isn't very long in the whole scheme of things. I know you probably think that your relationship is special or different, but that's what most teens in relationships think. The truth is that the two of you are going to change a lot. You're going to grow and mature, your goals in life are going to change---and often those changes mean that you and your partner will grow apart. You aren't going to be the same people that you are now forever.

    I had a friend who got his girlfriend's name tattooed on his chest. Now he's married and has children with another girl---and has an ugly tattoo on his chest that he got to cover up his ex-girlfriend's name. I told him it was a stupid idea, but he was head over heels for the girl at the time and didn't listen. Of course, he regretted it later.

    Anyway, bad idea. Don't do it.

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  • How about on your finernails so after you break up, it won't be a problem for long!

  • If you add his phone number and do the same for your next boyfriend etc you can become the first walking phone directory

  • Don't do it: your next boyfriend won't like it.

    If you absoltely want one, shave your head, have it tattooed on your scalp. :D :D:

  • Ask and look around, how many people over 20 do you know who are still together with their partner of 16. How many in their thirties.

    No matter how good you two feel together, the chances of you two ending up marrying are very, very low. After your highly probable break-up you're either stuck with a tattoo of an ex on you at only 20, or you have to undergo expensive and painful surgery.

    So don't do it.

  • That sounds like a great idea! Go for it girl!

    Either put it on your right forearm or on your back. Make it nice and legible.

    You guys are in love so obviously you're gonna be together forever.

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  • Can't you just get a necklace or something? write your names in a tree, on wet cement? ANYTHING else and I would give you a ton of better creative ideas.

  • No where. Its the worst idea mankind came up with. I don't care if you've been together 20 years, still the worst idea ever. If you do it, you will regret it later, and remember when I said this :D

  • oh my f***ing god... believe me I know the feeling, and how positive you feel about how he is the one blah blah blah but I have seen love break way too many times. For example, my ex broke up of with his girlfriend of SIX YEARS to be with me. They sure as hell thought that they were going to get married. My other friend's boyfriend of three years had a promise ring and everything. a month later after they went to college they broke up.

    The biggest test if you can make it is if you survive the first year of college together. If you make it all the way through college you probably will marry him. But to be totally honest, once you hit college, you will start liking someone else and you will want to end it. PLEASE at least wait until then.

  • Never get the name of a significant other or spouse tattooed on yourself. Things happen, people breakup and the divorce rate is very high. I would, however, get the name of a close friend or relative who might have passed away, or my own children. Besides those people, I don't think you should have any other people's names on your skin.

  • NO, DON'T DO IT.

    • You're still sixteen.

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