Do some guys really like chubby girls?

My boyfriend is relatively big himself, and I love him to death. But he keeps saying I dress too conservatively and he wants me to buy a mini skirt to wear around the house for him. I don't think I'm huge, but I definitely need to lose more weight so maybe a little above curvy. To give you an idea, I'm five feet tall and 175 lbs, but I jog and lift with him a little, so part of that is half-decent muscle. I'm not entirely comfortable in wearing something something like that, even though he's seen me in less... But I don't even wear shorts in the summer that go above the knees because I'm too self conscious. So I guess I'm just looking for advice. Am I being a prude maybe? I get so embarrassed and I can't help it, but I really want to please him. I want to cover up because I'm fat, but he says I'm not and wants to show me off even though I don't really think there's anything he'd be proud of. What should I do guys?


Most Helpful Guy

  • A mini skirt! That's hot. And why not? He apparently likes what he sees when he looks at you.

    My wife won't wear a mini skirt either :-( and claims the discriminatory clothing manufacturers don't make hot bikinis in her size. I'd love to see a picture because you sound so awesome.

    It sounds like your boyfriend and I think alike in many ways. My wife is considerably taller than me and probably has 75-100 pounds on me but she dazzles me to know end. If you have someone special who loves you as you are, please try to accept it. I know, my wife finds it difficult too, that's why I can relate to your situation. There's so much influence on thin-ness and that may not always be healthy, and to some people, such as your boyfriend and I, not necessarily attractive. Long before we met I had been drawn to full figured women (on TV that includes Rosie and Roseanne). Don't sell yourself short. It sounds like he IS proud of you. Even if you can't accept yourself very well try to remember that there's a man who loves you as you are. That's more than some people can say. And that's special.