Your Opinion(s) On Curly Hair?

1) Do you think curly hair is less professional than straight hair? Why or why not? I've heard this quite a bit and read an article on yahoo shine about it once

2) Why do you think curly hair is generally considered unattractive and/or least attractive?

From what I hear it's cause guys like hair they can run their fingers through, curly hair can look unhealthy and does tend to be more likely to be unhealthy & it's a somewhat masculine characteristic

3) Which is better in your opinion, the Brazilian Blowout or Japanese thermal straightening? Don't give me a lecture on health, the risks are understood & can be looked over.

Curly hair continues to exist so clearly it's not a problem to all, it's a general question


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  • Curly hair is beautiful...and awesome...

    but since I have it...I realized it sort of sucks.

    To make my hair look like POW! curly...takes ****loads of effort...and also the right products...or else it can look frizzy and ugly.

    So, usually I like to wear it striaght...that requires...extreme effort...blow drying and etc...but I feel it is easier to take care a way...idk.

    But curly hair is very versitile...which is nice...but at the same time annoying.


    link <link the thich kinky african **** lol

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      I can't see your last pic -_- it says something about the server

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      Yes, good choice.

      I support you on that. I used to relax my end result was **** hair. So...2 years...and all I have done with my hair is dye it brown...but it is black now and I am happy I am trying to grow it healthy...

      I tried a dominican blow out...but I have always wanted to do the brazilian...i saw my aunt do it..and I was like is pretty good...I want to do it when I get the $.

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      3 years*