Your Opinion(s) On Curly Hair?

1) Do you think curly hair is less professional than straight hair? Why or why not? I've heard this quite a bit and read an article on yahoo shine about it once

2) Why do you think curly hair is generally considered unattractive and/or least attractive?

From what I hear it's cause guys like hair they can run their fingers through, curly hair can look unhealthy and does tend to be more likely to be unhealthy & it's a somewhat masculine characteristic

3) Which is better in your opinion, the Brazilian Blowout or Japanese thermal straightening? Don't give me a lecture on health, the risks are understood & can be looked over.

Curly hair continues to exist so clearly it's not a problem to all, it's a general question


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  • Curly hair is beautiful...and awesome...

    but since I have it...I realized it sort of sucks.

    To make my hair look like POW! curly...takes ****loads of effort...and also the right products...or else it can look frizzy and ugly.

    So, usually I like to wear it striaght...that requires...extreme effort...blow drying and etc...but I feel it is easier to take care a way...idk.

    But curly hair is very versitile...which is nice...but at the same time annoying.


    link <link the thich kinky african **** lol

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    • Yes, good choice.

      I support you on that. I used to relax my end result was **** hair. So...2 years...and all I have done with my hair is dye it brown...but it is black now and I am happy I am trying to grow it healthy...

      I tried a dominican blow out...but I have always wanted to do the brazilian...i saw my aunt do it..and I was like is pretty good...I want to do it when I get the $.

    • 3 years*

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  • I don't know why but I really like curly hair over straight hair. It just seems to lie better on the shoulders and the light bounces off it much better, so it doesn't look flat and plain.

    For example; a girl in my year who normally straightens her hair didn't today and she looked fit as hell.

    Although. In all honesty, if you do it right, both hairstyles can be pulled off exquisitely.

  • I would say I am somewhere in between, girls rocking the wavy hair look great! But personally, I like any type of hairstyle on a girl, as long as it suits her well. :)

  • Curly hair worked for Art Garfunkel and Little Orphan Annie. I guess it has some appeal.

  • 1. Not really. I've seen a lot of women really rock curly hair. If it looks good, it looks good. I don't see what would be unprofessional about it. (I may be a little biased because I have curly hair.)

    2. That's part of the reason. The other reason (which has likely been brought up multiple times) is probably the media, and our culture in general. All the models and actors and p*rn stars tend to have straightened hair, so it gets embedded in people's heads that it's more attractive.

    3. The Blowout is cheaper but apparently doesn't last long. The Japanese thermal costs more and slightly damages hair but lasts longer and requires less maintenance.


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  • curly hair is prettier than straight hair IMO straight hair just looks so cliche and boring.

    i don't think curly hair is seen as unattractive. now tightly kinky coiled hair may be seen as least attractive to some, but not curly. guys love curls.

  • I have VERY curly hair. I straighten it often.

    To be 1000000000000000% upfront, what I'm going to say is extremely hypocritical and nonsensical.

    I love my curly hair. I love the way it looks on me. I do. I wish I could wear it curly every day. But people make fun of it allll the time, despite the fact that its well kept. Even my closest friends tease my curls. link that's what they looked like after I cut my hair over the summer (very, very short lol)

    I hate that I have curly hair because OTHER people hate curly hair. I don't straighten my hair for myself, I do it for others really.

    Its considered unattractive because the norm of society has favored white women who have had straight hair, wavy hair, or just Caucasian hair in general. I don't fit that standards, therefore I'm unattractive. The more I work to fit that standard, the more 'attractive' I get.

    Anyways, I haven't heard to many good reviews from brazillian blow outs or japanese thermals, once it starts to fade off (5-6 weeks) it gets really hard to manage and frizzy. It leaves your hair really damaged. but I do know someone who had a really great brazillian blow out.

    I straighten mine like twice a week, my hair isn't too damaged. It's just really hard to keep healthy.

  • This is a good question. I have curly hair so I'm interested in the answers. I've never had a brazilian blowout or japanese thermal straightening. Are these things you can do yourself?

    • no, you have to get them done professionally

  • 1) I don't think curly hais is less professional than straight hair, that just depends the way you style it;

    2) curly hair is just less atractive if you don't treat it well. curly hair can be really soft (and still keep curly) if you use the right products.

    yeah, guys can find more atractive the type of hair they can run their fingers through but if you keep it soft, hydrated and with a healthy look, that's still possible;

    3) well, I don't know how old you are but, when I was 15 I got a bit paranoiac about my hair and wanted it as straight as possible, so I got a 'house made' Brazilian Blowout (I got the stuff and my sis aplied it on my hair)... my hair got too dry, got too many split ends and an unhealthy look, my curls turned into waves but the volume was the same (the worst part of all that) didn't get how I expected so 6months later I did it again... even worst!

    my waves this time turned in some really curly curls, and my hair looked like it was 'dead'... really bad looking, no shine at all.

    due to the Japanese thermal straightening I don't really know nothing about...

    now I just opted by the healthy curly look. keep it clean, hydrated and well-defined

  • There was a study done and my psychology prof showed us the results. People find girls with curly hair more professional and girls with straight hair more attractive. The men said straight hair gives more emphasis on the face. They tested it on school children too, the children said it looked nicer and the person looked more approachable. Some people have different opinions and likes though. I have curly hair and I straighten it. A majority of men prefer straight hair. It's a preference thing. I like being liked, so I like my straight hair. A lot of girls with straight hair like curly hair though.

  • Curly hair generally looks thicker, and thus healthier. I find it more attractive than straight hair (but straight hair isn't unattractive). My hair is naturally curly/wavy, and I leave it curly most of the time. It's easier and looks better on me.

    I never even knew curly hair was considered unattractive. :P

  • I have never linked hair type to professionalism lol. I personally don't like how REALLY curly hair looks on girls, never have. I don't bash on them for having it, but I'm happy I don't have it. I guess either one, no?

  • I love curly hair! Straight hair does look tidier because sometimes curls don't stay neat and can look a bit messy which may be why its considered less professional, but I definitely don't think its less attractive. As far as the straightening goes I think the Japanese thermal is best because in my experience the effects seem to last longer, not 100% sure as I've never done it but I know a few people who have.

  • I prefer straight and wavy hair. I've seen girls with curly hair who looked nice though. So I think it depends on the person cause it can suit some girls really well. And I wouldn't say curly hair is considered less attractive or less professional cause some girls look better in them than in the straight hair. Like for example a friend of mine. She has naturally curly hair and once she straightened them and her hair didn't look that nice anymore.

  • A lot of guys I know HATE curly hair. They won't even deal with it... I ask them why they don't like my friend, they say she has curly hair...they don't like redheads either... Shallow, I know :/