I was born with a birth defect?

I was born with a birth defect. I have no belly button because of the defect. My stomach looks like a X for a belly bottom. Like it could be a bow. I never wear 2 pieces or show off my stomach. I was thinking for my 18 birthday should I get a little cute tattoo over it. I don't know what to do. Can somebody give me advice?


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  • You should have them do a tattoo but tattoo in a realistic looking belly button, and I don't mean that to be mean at all, because some artists can do an awesome job and it will look realistic.

    • My stomach is too much of a X to make it look realistic :(

    • You would be surprised what they could do, go into a well known shop and get it checked out.


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  • if you don't mind me asking, what is the name of the defect?

    Also, I'd vote no on the tattoo.

    Also, the X makes me think of jaffaa from stargate, if you're familiar

    • The defect is called omphalocele. And what is jaffaa ? Lol

    • Ah OK, that was in a grey's anatomy episode if I recall correctly... Jaffa are an alien race in the TV series stargate sg-1.

  • I can't believe this bothers you...I had naval hernia repair and they take your belly button when they do that...I mean..MAYBE some guy somewhere might care..but I don't know who it would be...I don't care about mine being gone...and I definitely would not care if my woman was missing hers...if fact, not long before I had it removed, a tick got into it and I could not get it out...friend of mine dug it out with tweezers...O:O

    • It just bothers me because I guess I'm so self conscience about it. I always thought I was the only one with the problem ya know?

    • Yeah anybody that has had a navel hernia has lost their belly button...also called an umbilical hernia...(:

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  • omf I would think that is cool as sh*t lol. I'd show it off and be like CHECK ME OUT I AM AN ALIEN :DD.

    and no, I'm not teasing or making fun of you; that is freaking awesome, didn't even know it could happen.

    But hey tattoo it up if you think it'll make you more confident.

    • Lol. That was funny. I feel a lot more comfortable on her talking about it then with people here. Thanks :))

    • haha no problem (:

  • I wouldn't cover it up for the sake of hiding it...it's cool (and for the record I thought Kyle XY was hot)

    • But that dude was totally flat lol

  • Could you post a picture? (only if you feel comfortable) then I can tell you if a tattoo would look any good.

    • I'm really not comfortable like I wish I was. /: