Guys- what's your favorite look on a girl?

Guys how do you like your women to dress? For instance, do you like a cleaner cut look or more a grungie look? What about hair: do you like hair that is straight or more a natural look? Do you like tight jeans or loose jeans on your girl? And you can expand on this question too


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  • Ok this is just my personal feelings, but I wouldn't judge anyone based on appearence alone.

    For me, I like a 'clean' sex appeal (not sexy) look. For instance, I think Ellen Page is one of the cutest girls around. Or for the other age spectrum, Julianne Moore.

    I was watching TV the other day and a girl had a chin ring, and whilst she was quite good looking, I found the chin ring a huge turn off for some unknown reason. Dreadlocks have also been a huge turn off.

    For me, I think the best "look" would be a secretary or librarian. Someone that's every so slightly sexy, but not "overtly". Or of course the famous Audry Hepburn, who is really the embodiment of sex appeal (for me).


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  • Just mix it up. Don't always wear the same clothes, add some variation. I realized that a girl looks more attractive when she is grungy when she is always dressed up everyday vice versa and this also applys to everything else.

  • love a clean, tight look. when a woman SHOWS that she takes care of her self that is a huge bonus point. grunge is so 90's, the whole "i don't care what people think" is so pase. its all about looking good

  • Clean for sure, hair, for me it's gotta be longish no shoulder stuff that's out, but natural color like a hazel or black is so beautiful when long. Tight jeans, nothing better, person who thought of them should get an award so hot, also some what tight shirts are never bad also. Shoes in my opinion I would love a girl with some air force's also as for glasses, depends they've gotta look mature, can't be purple and kid-ish, jewelry is fine I don't care really asides ear rings, and even belly button rings but nothing else, no cartilage. Of course this is like THE perfect girl in my eyes as far as dressings concerned so I was of course super picky =)


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