Guys- what's your favorite look on a girl?

Guys how do you like your women to dress? For instance, do you like a cleaner cut look or more a grungie look? What about hair: do you like hair that is straight or more a natural look? Do you like tight jeans or loose jeans on your girl? And you can expand on this question too


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ok this is just my personal feelings, but I wouldn't judge anyone based on appearence alone.

    For me, I like a 'clean' sex appeal (not sexy) look. For instance, I think Ellen Page is one of the cutest girls around. Or for the other age spectrum, Julianne Moore.

    I was watching TV the other day and a girl had a chin ring, and whilst she was quite good looking, I found the chin ring a huge turn off for some unknown reason. Dreadlocks have also been a huge turn off.

    For me, I think the best "look" would be a secretary or librarian. Someone that's every so slightly sexy, but not "overtly". Or of course the famous Audry Hepburn, who is really the embodiment of sex appeal (for me).