Is it normal to want to kiss everyone?

So, I get this urge to kiss girls all the time. Even if I have no attraction to them or if I'm just walking past them on the street. I guess I just wanted to know if this was normal for anyone of any type of sexuality.


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  • I've answered this question many times, so I'm just going to copy and paste it

    You're probably young. Every girl has a natural attraction to other girls. Girls naturally get closer to each other then guys do. They hug each other, talk a lot closer, kiss on the cheek, get a lot more emotionally involved, sleep in the same bed, change in front of each other, and possibly even shower together. So there is an emotional attachment that girls feel towards other girls. Add that with the fact that your hormones are going crazy and it explains your feelings. And also the fact that girls just naturally have attractive bodies. It doesn't make you a lesbian, and it doesn't even make you bi. I think a lot of girls just think they're bi because they feel these attractions, so they kind of live into that role that they think they are. But it's natural hun. You're young and curious. Doesn't make you lesbian, and doesn't make you bi.


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  • Only if handshakes make you uncomfortable !