Self pierced my cartilage. Advice?

So just last night I was with my girlfriends and I decided to pierce my cartilage

I've been wanting it for a very long time so its not a spure of the moment thing.

She soaked the earring in peroxide and then popped it through my ear in one swift motion. Now the only thing I'm concerned about is getting a really bad infection.

If I clean my piercing every night with the ear cleaning solution from Claire's, should I be okay?

Is it okay to switch the earring out tonight if I just pierced it last night, or should I wait awhile?

And how should I wash my hair so I don't tug on the piercing?


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  • I would say that as long as you keep it clean you should be all set, but I'd wait just a bit to switch them out if I was you. I'm not sure about the hair thing though sorry =/


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  • i don't know if this will help but when my sister got hers pierced they said to keep the same earring in for 6 months and then to always keep an earring in it for a year so that it won't close up. it also says that on the back of the clairs cleaning stuff or at least it did on the old bottles

  • Yeah, it'll be fine. I've pierced that myself before, too.

  • Make sure you clean it everyday. Don't change the earring because it will close the hole. It is generally recommended to change your earring in about 2-3 months-so the hole is completely healed. When you are showering, wrap your ear in sandwich wrap or saran wrap so your hair won't tug on the piercing. This is what I did when I got my cartilage pierced. Good luck :)

  • Holy sh*t that sounds incredibly painful!

    Clean it every night and when I got my ears pierced you were supposed to wait 8 weeks before changing the earrings. I don't know about cartillage though because cartillage and earlobe are two different types of skin.