Make-Up Tips? Hair style tips?

Hey Girls (or any metrosexuals) I need some makeup tips and hair style tips for differnet ocassions.

I have fair skin and short strawberry blonde hair with blonde heighlights.

What are some tricks or tips or stylish make up ideas?

Also since my hair is short, and naturally wavy, I likie it straight and sleek, any tips on products or ways to use my straightner?


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  • to make it sleek use a serum while its still wet and put a small amount in then blow dry it straight then straighten with a straightener to smooth it out.

    what color are your eyes?


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  • Forget about the blonde highlights and add some darker red highlights. Red hair is so sexy!

  • 1. Curling iron

    2. Flip your hair.

    You'll look SO gorgeous!


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  • ok I am all over this one XD. by the way your pic is really cute. ok so yes I like straight hair to, but if you want a little crazy thing going on you might like to try to use hair wax( it is a waxy type cream to style your hair) and your could get some layers in your hair if you already don't have them. just kinda play with is and fur make up I like to use this stuff from target called "SET" for my face makeup. it is around 30 bucks. or there is a lot of there good stuff at target. and for eye makeup it depends if you are a wild girl or more subtle. I think I'm gonna put a video on you tube soon on how to do my hair and makeup. oh and also for you want if you want some volume you can teas your hair and just go crazy with it. look up some videos on you tube and see what you can find.

  • One of my favorite products to use before straightening in Kenra Platinum Silkining Gloss... WAY better than the Biotherm stuff, and smells amaz-ZA-zing. I have wavy hair as well, and this works great! I put it in my hair, then blow dry it straight, then section by section go over my hair :) Try different ways of straightening, like flipping it out, curling under, etc. Have fun and try new stuff. That's the only way you'll find something new you'll like!

    Experiment with makeup... you can never go wrong with a smoky eye!

  • Ahh I love your eyes.

    Well hun I have long straight/wavy brown hair (the opposite of yours)

    haha but well I use bedhead products and they work wonders.

    I particularly like bedhead's cocky thickening paste and superstar blowdry lotion.

    And oh use gold, bronze shades in your eyes. They'll look amazing.